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Fursuit Fracas announces 2010 nominees

Edited as of Sun 4 Apr 2010 - 01:11
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Nominees for the Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas have been announced.

384 fursuits were nominated by 521 nominators. 43 more were opted-out by their owners. Self-nominations were permitted, but had to be balanced out by nominating equal numbers of suits owned by others.

As predicted, the competition now includes a double-elimination round to guarantee two face-offs for each competitor. The final 192 will proceed to single-elimination.

The field of entrants has grown 18% in 2010; prior years saw 326, 295 and 176 nominees. Ongoing results are to be recorded on WikiFur.

Read more: Competition matchups and scheduleWho built 2009's Fracas competitors?


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This event needs to start at the exact same time that the NCAA Basketball tournament does. If only for the purpose of trolling. "HAY GUIZE, HOW DOES MY BRACKET LOOK? :D "

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I have The Beastcub Unicorns move on in the east, while the Bucktown Tigers advance in the south bracket.

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I'd make a snide remark about your picking the "teams" just because the "mascots" look cool/cute, but in this case, it is the whole point!

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I think there's an element of celebrity there, too. You don't need a big budget to be a big name.

Of course, part of the point is giving time to those who aren't already big names; but as a practical matter, if you've not already been shot on camera, you'd better have a really cute head.

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