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Video: Minnesota furs visit ConFurence 8 (1997)

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Twin Cities' KARE-11 follows Minnesota furs Julie Bowman and Timothy Fay to ConFurence 8 in this generally upbeat news segment from 1997. [bearetic/furry reddit]

See more: Videos of the convention by FurriesInMotion.


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Again, find a video about a self-proclaimed "furry", who does NOT wear fursuits OR paint the body.

THEN, call me.

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I didn't realize (for better or worse) that I appeared in the background of this segment. Heh.

IIRC, this was considered pretty fair reporting back in the day. The adult elements were mentioned in passing, rather than to the exclusion of all else that the more sensationalist media would focus on later.

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Yay, Timothy Fay's real face!

Now at least I know what he actually looks like.

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