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'Delhi Safari' to get an "American-style" release across India on October 18

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Animation Xpress, vol. 10 #371 for October 4 reports that Delhi Safari, the CGI animated feature about an angry monkey, a laid-back bear, a scheming parrot, a mother leopard, and her cute cub trekking across India to the human city of Delhi to protest the strip-mining of their forest, will release on around 300 screens across India on October 18. The Hindi-language feature has a strong Bollywood voice cast.

Animation Xpress has a long interview with Krayon Pictures’ Nishith Takia that shows its poster and new promotional art. “Our film has got screened at Annecy International Film Festival and has also won the best Animated Feature Film at FICCI FRAMES in India, has boosted our confidence in the way the film has come out.” The film has a positive School Contact program at over 3,000 schools across India because of its strong pro-ecology message.

Delhi Safari has been dubbed into English with an all-star cast (Jason Alexander, Cary Elwes, Christopher Lloyd, etc.) for an American release sometime during 2013. Its English-language trailer was shown on Flayrah last May.


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The English-language dub of the Indian Delhi Safari is getting a one week screening at the Edwards Westpark 8 theater, 3735 Alton Parkway, Irvine, California 92606, to qualify for the 2012 Academy Awards. YouTube has several different trailers for the 3D CGI feature, not counting the English-language trailer already shown here.. In English, 1’57”. In Hindi with English subtitles, 5’08”. In Hindi, 2’55”.

The Making of … 4’42” live-action of the studio, partly in English, partly in untranslated Hindi.

Fred Patten

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I am not sure if this should not get a separate story, but:

Animation Xpress, March 18, 2013: “After having won the hearts of millions of viewers across the Nation, Krayon Pictures Delhi Safari has now won the most prestigious “National Award’ for Best Animation Film of 2013.” This has a theatrical poster that I had not seen before.

That’s nice. Have we found out yet whether “Delhi Safari” is getting an American release beyond Walmart’s advertised “Walmart Exclusive” DVD?

Fred Patten

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