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Anthropomorphic Research Project launches 3-year study

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International Anthropomorphic Research Project logoThe Anthropomorphic Research Project has released a new survey – the first in a series intended to cover the same people every February, June, and October over three years.

Participants (who must be 18 or older) may enter a drawing to win a $50 certificate for each survey completed.

Questions will vary between each survey, but will generally pertain to different aspects of furry culture, sexual orientation, personality, well-being, recreational/fantasy activities, and attitudes/beliefs about topical issues (e.g. religion, politics).

The ARP has previously used surveys to distinguish furries from therians and otherkin, identify personality differences between non-furs, furries and their fursonas, and characterise the relationship between furries and bronies.


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You know what I would like? A study on sexism within the furry fandom.

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Yes. That would be interesting, and necessary.

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It should be noted, that this poster concerned about sexism in the fandom has publicly amditted on this very site of once being a contributor to Encyclopedia Dramatica.

It that doesn't strike the reader of being the slightest bit hypocritical, I don't know what does.

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He publicly amditted it? Really?

Fred Patten

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She! See? Sexisim is rampant!

The possibility of furry fandom being a more masculine community came up briefly in the discussion of past survey results at Furry Fiesta, based on the idea that a higher proportion of women switched to playing male than men switched to playing female characters. Of course, there are many possible interpretations of this data.

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She! See? Sexisim is rampant!

It's less a case of misgendering me as I apparentlycan not decide which pronouns to use.

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It's not as if I make it some big secret; I use the same username and everything.

Edit: Oops. I get it.

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You need to take a deep breath, calm down, and go ride your bike or whatever it is you, personally, do outside, and I promise to take a deep breath and do the same.

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I'm ironically going to have to agree with them on this one. Someone who creates articles on a internet troll site complaining about generalizations and stereotyping gender roles is kind of hypocritical.

Is it a problem in the fandom? Sure. But it's a problem everywhere as well, in many places far far worse.

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Was I complaining? I just said I'd like to see a study.

Not that I don't agree it is valid criticism; but I don't feel that was the purpose of Anon's comment--I think it was more to invalidate what I said and silence me (their "stop talking" comment below kind of confirms that, I think).

Plus, there are far stronger criticisms of my concern than me being a "former" anything. For example, my frequent activity as a member of peta2's Street Team, despite PETA's misogynistic and body-shaming antics. I mean, that is a website I was on in another tab while I made the original comment, so the irony definitely hits me there.

It is correct that Encyclopedia Dramatica has several misogynistic articles, however, and I have kind of lapsed as a member of it...I may even need to make an apology for being so frequent an editor as to become part of staff--why not? I've been giving them out like hot cakes this year--but if I'm going to have random anons point at me and scream about ED, then I’m going to be flippant. I mean, at least with you there’s a certain level of respect. The shmuck I was responding to? Nah.

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There were some question that did segregate males and females, one was on how one perceived their sexual orientation. Also from the way I read it there was "Emotionally identify with" on a scale from exclusively male to elusively female. I read that as 'empathize with, or can understand in some way emotionally.'

However that could also be interpreted as "my emotions are more masculine/feminine" so it'd be hard to derive that from it.

Sexism that is here may be a bleed from the internet culture than anything. The only difference is in the furry fandom the guys may also find themselves being "objectified" once in awhile as can happen when you have a gay culture (guys treating other guys "as females" thus bringing the behavior cross gender gaps).

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Gay guys objectify women just as often as straight men do, too, or has that been just my experience? Like, one of my friends has horror stories of being sexually assaulted by laughing, gay, male furries who used their lack of attraction to justify groping her chest.

You do have a point that males and male characters (especially more feminine ones) are more objectified in furry than "real life".

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Of course, some furs like being objectified . . . assuming that is a bad idea, though. Lack of sexual attraction is no defence against a charge of assault.

Objectification happens to artists, too!

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words with meanings like asking-Rebecca-Watson-for-coffee-rape. LOL
Good thing furry fandom isn't big enough to get scammed by Anita Sarkeesian.

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Not gonna lie, I don't even know what you're talking about any more.

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The way you use meaningless buzzwords says you don't know what you're talking about either.

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We need to find out if official furry fandom memberships are given out fairly. Why is there a commission pay gap so artists like Floofymutt make more than Sparkletiger? We need to know why furry porn promotes unrealistic body standards and unnatural tail sizes that exploit anthropomorphic animals. Why are herms who do hotel yiff parties considered studs, but cis straight furries who do online RP arent considered slutty enough? In a fandom where being socially awkward is the norm, what do we have to do to make it easier to creep-shame people by spreading rumors and gossip?

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I'm going to guess that this last comment was generated by an algorithm and a list of furry-related words. And on that basis, I love it. ;)

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Brilliant :D

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I know you're just spouting feminist tropes in an attempt to be humorous or whatever, but I will creep-shame creeps until the day that I die.

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A smart person knows when to stop talking and slink away, but you're the kind of person who posts on ED.

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Being someone who studies politic in his free time, the three questions about it were kind of ambiguous. "Socially" as in how you personally 'act' or as in your political alignment with social issues? "Economically" as in how one handles their OWN finances or as in one's political alignment as to how the government should handle their fiscal endeavors?

Because when I see these three question together I initially went through thought it was asking the personal, but then remembered the Nolan Scale and confused myself.

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