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2016 movie showdown, part 6: Sly Cooper vs. Spark

Edited as of Mon 17 Aug 2015 - 16:24
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Sly Cooper
85% (23 votes)
15% (4 votes)
Votes: 27


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Well, seeing as how last poll got a whopping four $@%#ing votes, I guess you guys are getting bored with this; oh, well, just two more weeks to go (and we'll ignore Norm of the North's surprise sneak attack, as well as the actual planned surprise sneak attack boss fight of the live action Jungle Book remake), and then I'll be forced to actually come up with something clever.

Zootopia won, by the way.

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It's probably more because Twitter is broken. Well, partly that. I'm trying to fix it. :-)

Edit: Fixed. Turns out OpenSSL works a lot better when it has root certificates to play with. The bigger question of why the installer doesn't link them to a place where they'd actually be useful by default can wait for another day.

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Yeah, I noticed that, and tried to stir up some interest on r/furry; well, it wasn't downvoted ... maybe next time I shouldn't post that early in the morning. I also got around to finally deleting Fred's stories still in the queue that have migrated to DogPatch Press; I made sure they were repeats and didn't really change anything else (well, except the Diamond Man story is also now perma-deleted, because screw Diamond Man). I also closed most, if not all of the old polls; some of them were half a decade old.

If that bothers you, it's not that hard to open them back up, of course.

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So that's why the "Diamondmanism" comment can never be found anymore. :(

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Neither has a trailer. Am guessing Spark will be more explody (spaceship battles?), so voted for Sly.

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"Sly Cooper" certainly has a trailer! Here:

And "Spark" has at least a poster:

Fred Patten

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Whenever "Spark" gets mentioned, I think of Microsoft's Project Spark (which of course has its own mischevious critter).

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sly cooper all the way!

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