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Upcoming furry comics for February 2016

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Because that's just what our front page has needed for the last month or so; yet another list of random things. Anyway, here's a list of solicits for comic books with furry characters coming out next month.

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Bad Moon Rising #5
Written by Scott Rosenberg, Brandon Easton and David Forrest, art by Ty Dazo
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"It's finally here, the showdown we've all been waiting for: In one corner the machine gun toting citizens of Talbot, and the other, the fur and fury of the werewolf biker gang the Lunar Cycles. How many silver bullets will it take to send this wolf pack on a one way burnout straight to hell? Does that much silver even exist? And at what price? Find out in the penultimate chapter of Scott Rosenberg's tale of lost limbs and lost love, Bad Moon Rising."

Action Lab

Hero Cats: Midnight Over Stellar City #3
Written by Kyle Puttkammer, art by Alex Ogle
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated E
"This is it! The showdown we've all been waiting for. Midnight vs. Galaxy Man!"

Antarctic Press

Gold Digger #231
Writing and art by Fred Perry
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Britanny's family vacation to Hawaii is cut short when sixty square miles of Pacific Ocean vanishes, replaced by a dome of sprawling desert and ruins of an otherworldly civilization! Outraged that yet another family getaway is ruined, Brit drags in Gina to fix the ocean she broke, despite Gina insisting it isn't her fault this time!"

Immortal Wings #2 (of 4)
Written by Carlo San Jan, art by Rod Espinosa
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Deep in the wild wastelands of the cosmic frontier, bounty hunter Blaze and her draconic partner, Gruffyd, combine fighting prowess and magical might to stay alive as they make a living. Now they dodge the forces of the Galactic Shogunate, as they have partnered with the greatest threat to the empire's reign ... a bunny named Mortimer."

Archie Comics

Sonic the Hedgehog #282
Written by Ian Flynn, art by Terry Austin and Tyson Hesse
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Wings of Fire, part 2. When Sonic was infected with the Dark Gaia energy, he nearly lost all control of his mutant Werehog form. So what happens when an ancient and powerful phoenix gets turned to the dark side? It's a three-way battle as Sonic and Dulcy's teams battle for their lives against the Dark Gaia Phoenix and Egg Army! Then, in Shards and Sparks, Knuckles and Mighty reunite to take on Egg Boss Thunderbolt! Featuring cover art by the terrific Tyson Hesse and a spooky Horror Movie variant by the mega-talented T. Rex!

Sonic Universe #85
Written by Ian Flynn, art by Jim Amash, Tracy Yardley and Diana Skelly
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Eggman's Dozen, part 3. Dr. Eggman has assembled his evil Egg Bosses to take back his Egg Refinery from the Naugus Twins! The plan seems straight forward enough, but what happens when the Eggman's minions can't work together? Can the mad doctor scramble to survive or will his shaky alliances leave him fried? Featuring egg-tastic cover art by dynamite Diana Skelly and a wonderfully wicked variant cover by artist supreme Dan Schoening!"

Aspen Comics

Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #5
Written by Tom Hutchison, art by Alisson Borges and Kate Finnegan
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, on sale Feb 3
"The Emerald City is finally discovered, as well as the mysterious Wizard of Oz. However, what price will the wizard force upon Gale in order to return home - and is that cost more than she is willing to pay? Featuring re-mastered content, creator commentary and a whole lot more, don't miss out on the newest BDI launch, Legend of Oz: The Wicked West!"

Bongo Comics

SpongeBob Comics
Writing and art by Graham Annable, written by Chuck Dixon, art by Jacob Chabot
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Sea-quake! The ocean floor rumbles and Bikini Bottom is split in two! But with a huge chasm separating SpongeBob from his beloved Krusty Krab, what's a poor fry cook to do? A certain Mr. Plankton has some ideas! Presented in Shake-O-Rama, the deep sea's newest reading gimmick sensation! Then in Choose Your Words, SpongeBob and Patrick decide to cut the chatter and just speak one word for the rest of their silly lives. And you've never seen one word wreak such havoc! All this plus SpongeFunnies by Kochalka and facts about sea cucumbers courtesy of Maris Wicks!"

Boom! Studios

Adventure Time #49
Written by Christopher Hastings, art by Zachary Sterling and Paul Reinwand
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Finn and Jake must re-banish their old friend from reality in order to defeat a monstrous threat."

Adventure Time: Ice King #2 (of 6)
Written by Emily Partridge, art by Natalie Andrewson, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb
32 pages, foll color, US $3.99
"Ice King turns to Marceline to help him become hip enough to join up with the cool wizards."

Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Dragons #3 (of 4)
Writing and art by Hannah Christenson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Hannah Christenson (Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard) presents Albina, the gender-swapped retelling of the Russian folktale wherein a legendary warrior and her servant face the three-headed dragon Tugarin Zmey."

Kennel Block Blues #1 (of 4)
Written by Ryan Ferrier, art by Daniel Bayliss
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"What's to love: From Oz to Shawshank Redemption, we just love great prison dramas. But what if the prison in question is an animal shelter? Ryan Ferrier (Curb Stomp) and Daniel Bayliss (Translucid) combine the tradition of great anthropomorphic stories like Wild's End and Blacksad with the madcap twists of Six-Gun Gorilla and Chew in their new series Kennel Block Blues. What it is: Oliver is a good dog. A family dog. But without warning, he's sentenced to Jackson Kennel, where he's instantly placed on Death Row with the rest of his fellow inmates, awaiting a lethal appointment on The Table if salvation doesn't come. He'll need help escapting the Kennel, but when the stress of prison life builds, he starts escaping reality instead, imagining a fantasy world of cartoon friends. It's time to break out ... into a musical number?"

Peanuts #31
Writing and art by Charles M. Schulz
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"In Thompson Trouble, Snoopy dons a mustache and rushes to help his pal Thompson, and Peppermint Patty is after a gold star in Go for Gold."

Regular Show #32
Written by Mad Rupert, art by Laura Howell and Igor Wolski
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Rigby and Skips battle for survival in the Crystal Colosseum as Mordecai and Benson work together to steal the Crystal King's magical jewel. It's a prison break from the prettiest joint in the sky!"

Wild's End: The Enemy Within #6 (of 6)
Written by Dan Abnett, art by I.N.J. Culbard
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"While the other survivors struggle in the woods against the aliens, Peter and Susan desperately try to alert the public in time."

Dark Horse

Usagi Yojimbo #152
Writing and art by Stan Sakai
24 pages, black and white, US $3.99, on sale Feb 17
"Usagi's travels take him to a village plagues by rainstorms threatening to destroy it. While the rabbit ronin organizes the men to build a levee, the defenseless town is ransacked by bandits. Now Usagi and his companions must choose: case the brigands and risk a flood or finish the dike and face starvation!"


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3
Written by James Tynion IV, art by Freddie E. Williams II
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated T, on sale Feb 10
"The Batcave is overrun with Turtles - and its landlord is not at all pleased about it. But Batman's going to have to put asise his animosity toward his uninvited guests because he's about to have his first run-in with their deadliest enemy, Shredder! Meanwhile, the Turtles must face up to the grim possibility that they might never get back to their world."

Looney Tunes #229
Written by Sholly Fisch, art by Walter Carzon and Horacio Ottolini
32 pages, full color, US $2.99, rated E, on sale Feb 3
"Ahoy, me hearties and scurvy Jimlads! Daffy Duck be plunderin' Seafarin' Sam's pirate deck, thinkin' it be a cruise ship! Shiver me timbers, will Daffy be heavin'-ho or walkin' the plank on the poop deck?"

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #66
Written by Ivan Cohen, art by Walter Carzon, Horacio Ottolini and Scott Gross
32 pages, full color, US $2.99, rated E, on sale Feb 10
"Shaggy, Scooby and the gang will need strong Constitutions when they encounter a trio of Presidential g-g-g-ghosts at the White House! We cannot tell a lie ... it would be a Capitol offense to miss this special President's Day tale!"


Fables: The Wolf Among Us #14
Written by Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus, art by Steve Sadowski, Shawn McManus, Travis Moore and Chrissie Zullo
40 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated mature readers, on sale Feb 10
"With all the villains gathered at the Crooked Man's HQ, Bigby has a hell of a fight on his hands. But now that he's found the real killer, the Wolf isn't about to let his prey escape in one piece. And in the backup tales, discover the ture nature of the Silvering, as Aunty Greenleaf shows up to demonstrate just how dark the dark arts can get!"

Dynamite Entertainment

Grumpy Cat and Pokey #1
Written by Men McCool, Elliott Serrano and Ben Fisher, art by Agnes Garbowska, Steve Uy and Ken Haeser
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated all ages, on sale Feb 17
"Grumpy cat, the Internet's cutest curmudgeon, took the comic world by storm with the misadventures of her 2015 miniseries ... and now she's back for more! You'll laugh yourself silly as the killjoy kitten brings her hilarious brand of sass to comic books once again, joined by her high-spirited brother Pokey. What fun-loving escapades will Pokey dream up, and how will that adorable scamp Grumpy Cat rain on everyone's parade? Be sure to pick up this fantastic first issue, perfect for cat lovers of all ages!"


Angry Birds Comics #2
Written by Jan Toriseva, art by Paco Rodriques and Ciro Cangiolosi
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Angry Birds 2 is here! The comic that is ... uh, and the game ... No matter where you look we've got more birds, more pigs and more high-flying action!"
crossie's note: That's the actual solicit, folks. No, I don't know what they were going for, either.

Donald Duck #10
Written by Pat and Carol McGreal, art by Giorgio Cavazzano
40 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Bad Day at Black Water! Why do torch-wielding mobs want Donald and Uncle Scrooge out of their remote mountain town? Is it something in the springwater? Or scarier?"

Mickey Mouse #9
Writing and art by Romano Scarpa, art by Henrieke Goorhuis
40 pages, full color, US $3.99
"The Chirikawa Necklace, part 2 of 2! Pegleg Pete's new partner, Trudy Van Tubb, is running a brutal gangster-training school - and Mickey must turn mobster to take it down!"

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #25
Written by Barbara Kesel, art by Brenda Hickey and Tony Fleecs
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Rainbow Dash wakes up to discover that her wings have vanished! It's up to the relatively newly-winged Twilight to help her friend find out the source of the mysterious occurrence."

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #39
Written by Christina Rice, art by Agnes Garbowska
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Don't You Forget about Us part 2! The Cutie Mark Crusaders and their classmates are hopelessly lost in the woods! The only chance of salvation may lie with ... Diamon Tiara?!"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 IDW's Greatest Hits
Written by Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz, art by Dan Duncan
32 pages, full color, US $1.00
"Introducing IDW's Greatest Hits! One dollar versions of key issues and launch-points from your favorite IDW books! First up? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, of course!"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #55
Written by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman, art by Michael Dialynas
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Recent events have strained many relationships amongst the TMNT and their allies. Many must decide whether to trust or to betray, to seperate or to stay, and to lover or to hate. Time takes its toll, but where do the Turtles go from here?"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures #7
Written by Ian Flynn and Caleb Goeliner, art by Chad Thomas, Dave Alvarez and Jon Sommariva
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Job Security part 1. Shredder is fed up with Fishface, Rahzar, Bebop and Rocksteady and declares that only the pair that bring in the Turtles will remain in his employ. The other team will meet a much more unpleasant fate. It's an all-out competition between the goons with Turtles stuck in the middle!"

TMNT Color Classics, Vol. 3 #14
Writing and art by Jim Lawson, written by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, art by A.C. Farley
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"City at War, Part 12! The TMNT join Karai in a final battle royale with the renegade Foot Elite soldiers! It's do or die for our heroes!"

Uncle Scrooge #11
Writing and art by Giovan Battista Carpi, writing by Joe Torcivia, art by Mark De Jonge
40 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Scrooge's Ark! Is Duckburg about to drown in the mother of all floods? Will Scrooge McDuck build a giant bat to rescue his money? Only the Beagle Boys know for sure!"

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #728
Writing and art by William Van Horn, written by Jonathan Gray, art by Massimo De Vita and Andrea Freccero
40 pages, full color, US $3.99
"What's scarier than mad sorceress Magica De Spell? Magica De Spell with amnesia - becoming Uncle Scrooge's ally in William Van Horn's new Woe Is He! The Donald dons his Duck Avenger cape and cowl in The Search for the Zodiac Stone: Chapter 8!"


The Autumnlands #10
Written by Kurt Busiek, art by Benjamin Dewey
24 pages, full color, US $2.99, rated M, on sale Feb 10
"Things have gotten very bad, up the mountain. Very bad."

Elephantmen #69
Written by Richard Starkings, art by Axel Medellin and Boo Cook
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated M, on sale Feb 10
"All Coming Evil conclusion."


Guardians of the Galaxy #5
Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Valerio Schiti and Arthur Adams
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T
"Last Raccoon standing! The Guardians face their toughest battle ever and aren't going to to make it out the same way they came in!"

Howard the Duck #4
Written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Joe Quinones and Kevin Wada
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T+
"She's obsessed, she's powerful, she's almost the new herald of Galactus! And like the rest of the universe, Scout is after Howard. But with an eye to ending the hunger of the Devourer of Worlds! Plus: The Silver Surfer! The Stranger! The Guardians of the Galaxy! All in a story of Howard on the run we're calling ... Fowl Movement! Oh god, are we really calling it that?"

Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #5
Written by Joe Caramagna
32 pages, US $2.99, rated all ages
"The Guardians are in big trouble. But we can only give you a hint ... Three words ... I. Am. Groot."

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #2
Writing and art by Skottie Young, art by Filipe Andrade
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T
"In the short shadow of the Rakzoon Empire. Lord Rakzoon's not the brutal dictator they think he is at home - oh no, no, no. He's a Rocket Raccoon! Rocket Raccoon! Can Groot and his body art remind Rocket who he is before he casts his best friend into the torture dungeon?! Also, who gave Rocket a torture dungeon???"

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5
Written by Ryan North, art by Erica Henderson
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T
"Squirrel Girl has been sent back in time to the sixties, which would be fine I guess, except now the future is ruled by Doctor Doom! Anyway, that's not her fault, but she's still fixing it because she's just that good. The final battle between Doctor Doom, Squirrel Girl and ... an old-lady version of Squirrel Girl from the future?? Yes! Meet the sensational character find of 2016: an old lady! Fun fact: Besides adults literally fighting each other, this issue also features several jokes! Don't miss the hit comic featured on Entertainment Weekly's Must List (which was several months ago for everyone reading this, but it was just yesterday when this text was being written and we're all still very excited about!)!"

Titan Comics

Penguins of Madagascar: The Elite-est of the Elite #1
Written by Cavan Scott, art by Lucas Ferreyra
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"It's the start of a senses-shattering four-part Penguins of Madagascar epic story! An army of robots threatens to take over the world - and only our four feathered friends can stop them! Plus, bonus stories featuring the North Wind, the baby penguins and more!"
crossie's note: And that's the end of that list. Until next time, let the ponies hit the floor!


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