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Newsbytes archive for April 2016

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Contributors this month include Acton, brian577, crossaffliction, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, Huskyteer, InkyCrow, Kakurady and RingtailedFox.

crossaffliction: A behind the scenes documentary on Zootopia.

GreenReaper: Thomas the Tank Engine's "The Great Race" to decide once and for all which culture's train is most relatable.

Acton: The Dandy Warhols’ ‘You Are Killing Me’ video stars Joe Dallesandro plus a bunch of furries.

dronon: Sofawolf seeking Kickstarter funds for an English translation of a Chilean comic with anthro-lions.

crossaffliction: The latest American deviancy they're trying to mainstream.

Fred: What baby wombats look like.

Fred: Genuine giant rats, not faked photographs.

crossaffliction: Cow by Bear; have your steak grilled by a mystery chef in a bear fursuit.

brian577 Boston Globe: The revenge of the furries.

crossaffliction: Dramatic trailer voice: Braixen is ... Furry Hermione!

Fred: Horse found beaten, shot to death.

RingtailedFox: Udderly disgusting: Hungry cow eats snake!

RingtailedFox: New Slack TV commercial suggests furries are taking over the world! Or the office world, at least... (Bloopers can be seen here.)

GreenReaper: A religious movement based on a cartoon mouse? Move over, Lapists - Lord Dinkan is in town.

crossaffliction: Guy can't get info from the government about cartoon animals even furries don't care about.

InkyCrow: After a January no-show the second Nut Job is set to drop in May 2017.

dronon: Guns are easier to acquire than an NRA eagle mascot costume.

GreenReaper: Furry print service InkedFur, recently featured on, resets site passwords after hack attack.

GreenReaper: Grotesque, X-rated furry art on display at the MASS Gallery in Austin, Texas.

GreenReaper: The OC Weekly reviews the competing visions of furry fandom's public representation in Fursonas.

GreenReaper: Voting for the 2015 Ursa Major Awards ends tomorrow - get your picks in before the polls close!

GreenReaper: In Japan, anime fans seek a more fantastic life.

dronon: The Muppets get existential. Plus with cows!

dronon: Bootleg copy of The Jungle Book appears on YouTube.

dronon: Russian 2017 superhero movie trailer has a bear-guy at the end.

Fred: Mountain lion wanders into Los Angeles school; they aren't always killed.

GreenReaper: Furry conventions multiply in South and Southeast Asia, as shown in this [a][s] infographic. [@RalphieRaccoon].

RingtailedFox: New hedgehog-themed cafe opens in Tokyo. I wonder if Sonic owns it? :P

RingtailedFox: No, that's not a fox ... animal shelter finds rare blonde raccoon.

crossaffliction: Disney's too smart to let this happen, right?

GreenReaper: Researchers reconsider dart-tagging after one orca turns up dead with fragments in its dorsal fin.

GreenReaper: Bilingual furry news site @FurryFandomES launches with interview of German fursuiter Keenora.

dronon: There's an anime short that was made for the Star Fox Zero game.

Fred: Tape a cat's paws together; go to jail.

Fred: L.A. bans pet stores from selling commercially-bred cats, dogs, rabbits.

crossaffliction: Happy Earth Day from Google!

Fred: Good news for tiger lovers - maybe.

crossaffliction: Studio Ghibli founder gives Zootopia the thumbs up. Can Japan push it over a billion?

crossaffliction: Another furry on air hack attack? [tip: @Huskyteer]

Kakurady: @KernelMag covers @Zarafagiraffe's foray into fursuiting and how furries rallied when his fursuit's head was lost.

InkyCrow: The true "secret life of pets" is that they are planning for future careers, as shown in the new animated short "Dogtor".

GreenReaper: Fursuiters invited on-stage during set at Oakland, California's Fox Theatre by Scottish band CHVRCHΞS.

brian577 A Fox in Space: a Star Fox fan animation.

GreenReaper: A fox in less space: Arctic fox - and mink, and lynx - in a Russian fur farm.

Fred: A brown bear in my neighborhood. (Sylmar is where I live.)

GreenReaper: Who needs a parachute when you have ears?

Huskyteer: Augmented reality kids' T-shirts feature animated creatures.

dronon: 1973 horror/snake-TF film Sssssss has been released on Blu-ray.

Huskyteer: Birds Eye advertises frozen food using #boywithatail.

Huskyteer: New 4-part Watership Down animated miniseries from BBC/Netflix.

Fred: Is feeding a zebra to a hungry tiger in front of children okay?

crossaffliction: DreamWorks Animation purchased by Universal, making Illumination/DWA their Disney/Pixar.

GreenReaper: Weasel short-circuits Large Hadron Collider; fails to survive 66kV transformation.

Fred: Australian crocodile gnaws on camper.

InkyCrow: Zootopia 3D and regular Blu-ray editions announced with cover artwork and list of bonus content (including a selection of deleted scenes).

InkyCrow: ...also worth noting is a Target exclusive with unique cover art and 15 additional minutes of bonus content.

dronon: Curious academics visit FWA2016. (Tip: Patch Packrat)

dronon: Potential fan project to keep an eye out for: Thatch & Dial.



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