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The tiger returns in the Jeopardy Tournament of Champions

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Go Josh Go.jpgThe tiger claws come out this Thursday on Jeopardy as Bucktown returns to face his fellow winning players in this year’s Jeopardy Tournament of Champions. When we last covered the seven day winning streak, it was the winningest of the season. In the year and a half since that time, something called James Holzhouer happened, bringing in a brand new high risk strategy that literally turned the game on its head and winning 32 games before being stopped by one Emma Boettcher. Both of them will also be in this tournament.

The streak-stopping Emma will be facing off against the tiger from Arkansas on Thursday November 7th. However, the third contestant is also no push over, with Eric Backes having a 4 day win total of over $100,000 in his belt as well. JeopardyFan has this Thursday contest as the most hotly contested of the week; with Josh, Emma, and Eric all set with a near equal chance of winning. The site commentator Andy has called it a “Group of Death”, which basically means all three are were skilled enough to go deep into the tournament, but are facing off against one another quite early thus causing the early loss of one of them.

So will the tiger not get out of the pit? Or will he strive and get through it? Find out this Thursday at your local listing time.

On a more somber note, the show's host Alex Trebek, is currently having a fight with pancreatic cancer, which is why you will be seeing the champions wearing purple ribbons. They are encouraging fans to play along and donate to the Lustgarten foundation during the tournament to show support.


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Art is @cartoonowl from 2018, click on the photo to go to their original tweet.

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Yeeeey! Nice art too!

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I've tweeted about this, but a guy from bo-news (a spin-off of the old "atrocity tourism" site Portal of Evil) also appeared on Jeopardy this season; he was one of the many steam-rolled by Holzhoer, though late enough that he basically tried to fight back only to wind up deep in negative numbers when the "high risk" strategy got, you know, risky. He also announced he would be on Jeopardy by posting "unless Alex Trebek dies in the next month, I'm going to be on Jeopardy" literally a month to the day of Trebek's cancer announcement, which was probably just really, really unfortunate timing/wording. Probably.

But, let the record state:

Furry goes on Jeopardy: Tournament of Champions

Former anti-furry goes on Jeopardy: Alex Trebek gets cancer

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"What is correlation does not equal causation, Alex?"

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The relationship between Bitcoin and avocado prices?

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I'm sorry, the correct response was "What is a joke?"

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jFor people curious, the Jeopardy tournament of champions was filmed on September 17-18 of this year.

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