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Reminder: 'Zootopia' is 'Zootropolis', and has always been 'Zootropolis'

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Twitter post: 'hi if you remember this movie being called zootopia can you please retweet??? i swear to god this movie is not called zootropolis?'

Disney launched its new streaming service, Disney+, earlier this week, though not without its share of hiccups (fortunately, the Pirates of the Caribbean did not eat the tourists). However, one strange glitch involving the popular furry movie Zootopia has people believing they've found proof of an alternate dimension where the movie is known as Zootropolis.

Could it be a "Mandela effect", where people remember history in a way that doesn't quite match up with our current universe? Named after Nelson Mandela, who apparently did not die in a South African prison the way some people seem to remember. Mandela effects are taken by believers to be signs of alternative realities, and that people with these kinds of memories are somehow sliding between different realities. Non-believers tend to think that they're caused by people inventing imaginary superpowers and pop sci-fi quantum realms rather than just admitting they don't know as much about South African history as they thought they did.

Popular "Mandela effects" include the spelling of the children's book series Berenst[ei/ie]n Bears, the pervasive belief of some non-Americans that there are more than 50 United States of America, and the false belief that there used to be a Flayrah contributor named "crossaffliction" rather than the real contributor named 2cross2affliction. The idea reached it's pop cultural zenith when it was featured as the "monster of the week" (metaphorically speaking) on the relaunched version of The X-Files episode "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat", where the character suffering from the condition was convinced it was known as a "Mengele effect".

However, whether you believe in the Mandela effect or just false memories, the Zootopia/Zootropolis confusion is neither. For those unaware, the strange alternate dimension Zootropolis hails from is is known as "the United Kingdom", where the film was retitled, for some reason. That's not a joke, Disney's official reasoning given was "In the UK we decided to change the US title (Zootopia) to Zootropolis to merely allow the film to have a unique title that works for UK audiences." Unofficially, there has been some speculation if may have been an attempt to head off a possible copyright fight with a Denmark zoo. For whatever reason, Disney+ occasionally shows the UK title for American viewers, despite the fact that Disney+ hasn't launched in the UK yet.

In Germany, the film was titled Zoomania due to a 2010 children's book by German author Kay Fischer titled Zootopolis. Of course, the name was changed throughout the non-English speaking world where the titular pun might not work as well; the Chinese title roughly translates to "Crazy Animal City", while in Russian-speaking areas the name is Зверополис (Zveropolis, or "Beast City").

So fear not, the reality of the world is not unravelling. Remain calm.


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From a technical perspective, the most likely explanation for this person's odd experience is that their locale is set to en_GB (UK) rather than en_US. Programs often ship with support for a wide range of languages and regions; the wording used is selected by the operating system's setting. It could also be done by IP address, like WikiFur's furry convention map (which can again be flawed, especially if people use VPNs) or a browser's preferred language setting, which is used by WikiFur's statistics page; but the locale is most common for installed applications, since the user chose it.

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Just as "headcannon" is a fancy way of saying "shit I thought up", the "Mandela Effect" is a mighty grand way of saying "I misremembered, and I (and social media) can't simply admit we remembered it wrong."

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headcannon isn't a term, headcanon is. and Mandela effect is when a large amount of people misremember the same thing, its got nothing to do with an inability to admit it, just that you remember it a certain way.

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Maybe not, but it is a cool Autobot with twin cannons in front of its head - and a game development company.

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Fun fact: Doing the stupid Berenstain Bears joke, I learned that it's not spelled "Bearenstain" (I had to look up the correct spelling because the stupid Mandela effect people have me confused about the stein/stain thing).

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Funny, I actually saw a trailer earlier today for a movie called The Mandela Effect. What I gathered from the trailer is that it is about a man and his wife who start noticing the Mandela effect everywhere, until it gets so bad that one day they wake up to find out that their daughter never existed. They find out that reality is actually a simulation and the father tries to bring his daughter back by hacking into and reprograming reality with this computer but then a guy who might be God shows up and warns him that there will be consequences for trying to mess with reality. Or something like that.

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I mean, I mostly watch trailers that people say "gave everything away" and come away thinking "no, it didn't", but that one kind of sounds like it gave everything away.

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Oh come on guys, it's been a widely known fact that the movie was called differently in some countries due to trademark conflicts :)

“Zootopia,” for example, is the name of collection of children’s songs in the U.K., as well as a trademark registered by the Givskud Zoo in Denmark.

Zootopia, Zootropolis, Zoomania, Зверополис, 疯狂动物城, ズートピア

They're plain old localized titles. Nothing wrong with your brain :)

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Sorry that your original attempts at this comment were blocked, we do get a lot of foreign-language spam and I guess a component of the alternate names tripped a filter. I've restored your original post including those.

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it's kinda weird that you included the Japanese one since it is literally just zuutopia, pronounced the same as zootopia

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did you watch the movie we did not? how long?


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we are going to watch it

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we found out how it became zootropilas because there was a big glitch on the movie because of a childs sing a long.

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Zoo topic is now zootropolis. It’s been done, u can’t change it, stop trying to start a fight/protest. If you have a problem, don’t gossip about it because it is not nice! Take it up with Disney, not his poor website!!

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Maybe the "Mandela Effect" in this case, should be that, whomever changed that name, to a different name than it was before, completely fucked up, and doesn't want anyone to know about it. Instead of making it seem as though there is something wrong with our(the actual viewers) memories. How are you going to treat people who watch your shit this crappy? Typical.

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No matter what it is now, I'm Ganna completely ignore what Disney says and call it Zootopia/speciesism. You couldn't stop me even if you tried Disney! Autobots, roll out!

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what does zootopia mean

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"Zoo", from the Greek "zoion", means "animal", while the suffix "topia", also from the Greek "topos", means "place". "Zootopia" means, literally, "animal place" or perhaps "a place for animals".

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And animals in their place! Civilised. None of that running around and eating one another.

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Also, while we're here.

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Oh, hey, your evil twin's usericon with context! I found the quiz, it's still up though not at its old location, and no pictures. However, if you go back, you can find them: rickets, syphilis, bubonic plague, gonorrhea, ebola, and of course rabies. Which I got, too! I guess we're not so different, after all. 🦊

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