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Subwoolfer's "Give That Wolf A Banana" gets Norway's nod for Eurovision 2022

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Norway has chosen to send masked comedy-dance duo Subwoolfer to Eurovision 2022 in Turin with "Give That Wolf A Banana", after a competitive selection process. [tip: Elysium]

The live performance was accompanied by pyrotechnics and is available in campy sign language. There's an interpreted interview with the duo, in which they discuss difficulties with adapting to Earth's higher gravity, as well as the inspiration for their song – now out in a romantic mix.


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One thing I missed is the suggestion that Subwoolfer is in fact Ylvis, the duo behind "What Does The Fox Say?" (original video) 🦊🐺

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Jesus God, I do not know why one spam bot has decided this is the one article to spam so aggressively, but the upshot is I accidentally fatfingered the one legitimate comment's "mark as spam" button. So, don't permanently delete your own comment, GR!

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Who can say what a bot appreciates? Perhaps they were overawed by the casual mix of YouTube and Twitter blocks? In any case, their server IP block now has a block as well.

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All those comments will be lost in time, like tears in rain...

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Hopefully not the good ones; that's what nightly backups are for! Done OK there for a decade or two.

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The good news is since they spammed so effectively I could 1 star every single one instead of just marking as spam so they'll fold right away.

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Looks like they got around it already. Maybe block or reject posts by keyword, instead?

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I'm beginning to think Blade Runner was not the robot movie to reference, here.

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We can do that too, unfortunately the spam is often for different content. On the plus side, more server blocks blocked. And I found a bug in bulk removal operations, yay!

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