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They've been gone for quite a while: 'Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3'

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Since the last Guardians of the Galaxy movie, Volume 2, a lot has happened, both in the universe of the story, and behind the scenes. In universe, every member of the team except Rocket was "snapped" out of existence, which is okay for furries, since Rocket was the only actual furry member of the team, and they mostly all got better, anyway. In the real world, meanwhile, series director James Gunn was fired from this third world, but he also got better. Anyway, the third movie will finally come out next year, and a trailer has been released.

From a furry perspective, it doesn't get much better than this. Rocket's origins are being explored, the villain is the High Evolutionary whose whole thing is literally making furries, Cosmo will continue to appear after The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on Disney+, and, oh yeah, that's Lylla the otter.


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Don’t forget that one part that looks like they land on a planet with a whole furry village.

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I'm assuming that's the work of the High Evolutionary, and they're just kind of tying MCU Rocket into that (and probably Cosmo, too).

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More pandering for the furry community by Disney, given how Disney botched "Zootopia+" I am not optimistic about anything Disney anymore.

Sincerely yours Hardial and Bianca Johal

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I think it's a reference to Halfworld, though I'm not really familiar with the comics backstory.

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Lots of options for historical Halfworlders - bunnies, skunks, moles, even a walrus! Good thing fur rendering is easier now.

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To be honest I am not looking forward to any the new Marvel content especially given how bad the last of Stage 4 Marvel sucked

Sincerely yours Hardial and Bianca Johal

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Pondering, just pondering, but... My two biggest worries about this:

A) They're going to kill off Rocket, to give him some kind of "heroic send-off", and/or
B) They're going to kill off Lylla in front of Rocket, since everyone at Marvel seems bound and determined that Rocket will have the most tragic life of anyone who has ever lived.

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Then he gets replaced with his female equivalent, Shocket Raccoon. Everybody wins! Except Rocket, I guess.

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Sure, though this one isn't literally a clone by the looks of it.

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I'm not sure "by the looks of it" is the best phrase, here.

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On one hand, it's clearly the younger version of Rocket embracing Lylla, so it's looking like that's a flashback scene. She was killed off in flashback in the Guardians of the Galaxy TellTale game, which makes me think they aren't doing this, since it's already been done, and not in the comics. Like, I give Gunn enough credit to be both aware of the TellTale game and not just remake it. The movies seem to be ignoring Halfworld (or at least if some location gets called Halfworld, it's going to be completely new with the just the name and maybe "lifted" animals running around) which is fair, because even the comics retconned Halfworld basically out of existence (one of the few Abnett/Lanning takes on the Guardians characters that was actually a mistake in my opinion); my guess is Rocket (and Lylla and maybe a few other characters) were earlier experiments of the High Evolutionary, while the Your Animal Town, U.S.A. (which may be called "Halfworld") setting is more recent experiments. Of course, Gunn did Ego the Living Planet in such a way that it was both a "more realistic" version of the character but in a twist is also a completely accurate portrayal of the goofy comic book concept, so there may be a twist where Halfworld is Halfworld, after all. In the 2000s comics, Rocket was made to specifically forget the "real, depressing" Halfworld to protect it and the Halfworld full of goofy shit from the 70s was false memories created for him; an interesting twist might be to flip that, where "depressing, I got experimented on against my will, angst!" Halfworld is a false memory created and the goofy 70s shit is the real movie Halfworld (up to and including the Incredible Hulk having once visited during his "outcast in space" phase).

If that's the case, I just hope Rocket doesn't get cucked by a rabbit again, though.

As far as Rocket dying, the popular speculation is all the Guardians are going out in a heroic send-off. The Adam Warlock stuff makes me think someone will survive, as his comic book backstory is way to complex to do both him and all the Halfworld/High Evolutionary shit at the same time, and also you don't introduce Pip the Troll in The Eternals and never get him, Adam and Gamora together at some point, even if it's not Gunn who does it.

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Predictions: High Evolutionary is not the big bad, and maybe isn't even a villain at all. Halfworld is a half prison/half mental hospital with one patient/prisoner, The Beyonder, the villain of the original Secret Wars (the sub-title of the upcoming Avengers movie) who has the power to ... basically rewrite the universe as he sees fit. Rocket did not "escape" Halfworld, like his comic counterpart he left and had his memory erased, all voluntarily, to prevent the Beyonder escaping at some earlier point (the mechanics of how this works I'm not speculating on now). The scenes of baby Rocket cowering in the cage are red herrings; he was scared at first (who wouldn't be?) but had accepted his role in Halfworld before the emergency that caused him to leave happened, and was maybe even relatively happy.

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