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Furry camps - My experience at World Wild Fur Camp

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Spring is in the air and the snow is melting. Gone are the seasons where furs bundle up in their homes, and here are the days where they come out to frolic in the sunshine. But perhaps instead of going to a big city to a stuffy hotel, you may be interested to know that there are other fur gathering styles that are becoming a bigger staple in the furry fandom.

The fur camps are gatherings that take place in parks and other such outdoor facilities that put emphasis on connecting the fur with a bit more of the rural wilds than the urban jungles. Camp Feral!, which takes place in Algonquin leads the pack with estimates of around up to 200 guests. Today I go over my first experiences with one of these cons, and how they differ from their hotel-bound cousins: World Wild Fur Camp, which took at a YMCA camp just north of Cincinnati Ohio in the fall of 2018.

Brazilian furry convention to be Abando-ned after 2016

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Abando Brazilian furry camping convention Abando is to end after next month's instance, according to a video posted by co-founder Reyres (translated by Puggy):

He basically explains that Abando became somewhat out of hand, it became way too expensive, Abando is a little event, and organized by few people, that do it just because they like it, but these things consume way too much time, effort, and in the case of this one, much, much money, since it requires the rental of an entire nature park, regardless of the places getting sold out or not.

Some of the staff, over the years, had to step out for many reasons; some are getting married, having children, moving away. And taking care of the event is a big task, not to mention that lately, it threatens the financial security of the whole staff.

Wild Nights 2013 opens registration, and more news

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This newsletter also covers Wild Nights' guests of honor, charity auction, and details of meals, lodging, workshops and other activities.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Come gather Knights and Knaves, Nobles and Lords, Ladies and laymen, as we once again gather for feasting and frolic. Wild Knights of the Round Table is pleased to announce that registration is now open! Visit the web page and sign in, then register online for the event. Join us as we celebrate our fifth year in Robbers Cave State Park, the last weekend of April, 25th–29th.

Review: 'Stories of Camp RainFurrest'

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Stories of Camp RainfurrestSeattle’s first Furry conventions began in 1998. There were eight annual ConiFur Northwests, growing from 275 to 525 attendees, before they self-destructed after the 2005 event.

Rainfurrest (or Rainfurrest Anthropomorphics International) was first held in 2007 to be ConiFur’s replacement. It seems to be more successful; Rainfurrest has grown from 370 attendees in 2007 to 1,420 last year.

Practically all Furry conventions have souvenir “conbooks”, and two or three short stories by members are a feature of these. Rainfurrest 2011 decided to take this a step further.

Dallas, TX. FurPlanet Productions, September 2011, trade paperback $10.00 (108 pages).