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Furry comic anthology 'Furrlough' returns to comic shops and original publisher

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Furrlough is an anthology series specializing in anthropomorphic comics. It has returned to its original publisher, Antarctic Press, with Furrlough #194 in shops on April 24, 2024. PreviewsWorld search says #194 "may be available now at comic shops or can be ordered quickly for you if not in stock." The order code for #194 is JAN241389.

Furrlough #194 cover

The publisher's page for #194 says, in part:

Cover artist "Holly Daughtrey"/"... COMICS' LONGEST-RUNNING ANTHRO­POMORPHIC TITLE! ...

"Blinth" (Jason Dubes, Noel Serrato): The fallen angels have rebelled and now look to their lord Lucifer for guidance. However, the cat goddess Bast and the dark lord Anubis withhold information from their leader, something that will give rise to a potential new deity.

"The Chosen One" (Charles Brubaker): Fox boy Dewey DeSmall is tasked by an ostrich to save the day from a great danger. But what can a small librarian's assistant do?"

The only future issue listed at distributor Diamond's website is Furrlough #195 (with order code APR241265) with an in-shops date of June 26, 2024. Since it won't ship for a month, your local comic shop should hopefully be able to do a late pre-order.

Diamond's website has a page for the Furrlough series, which had a monthly publication schedule from 1993 to 2008. It was published by Radio Comix starting April 1997.

Upcoming furry comics for September 2011 (Previews only)

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Like last month, this month's best item is a big reprint book from Fantagraphics, this time two years of Pogo. Buy it buy it buy it. The Mickey Mouse hardbacks are impressive too.

The diversity of sources continues. This includes some items from Kids Can Press, a Garfield thing from Papercutz, one from Toon Books, and a couple of Dragon Punchers from Top Shelf that I pass over as overjuvie.

TALL TAILS back on its own

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I just wanted to give everyone the heads up on TALL TAILS being solicited in Diamond's Previews this month. The series will still appear in Furrlough until #109 but in November TALL TAILS #5 and the Collected TALL TAILS Vol. 1 (with #1 - 4) will be released from Dream Weaver Press.

TALL TAILS is a fantasy adventure comic in the spirit of Elfquest and Lord of the Rings featuring funny-animal characters instead of humans. Although it has seen a successful run in Furrlough, the story is just to big to appear in 4-8 page segments. TALL TAILS will return to its own full length comic starting in November and will follow a bi-monthly schedule.

For more information please visit DREAM WEAVER PRESS and start bothering your comic book shop to carry it! There is even a flyer on the website to print out to help spread the word. There's not enough of these types of comics to go around and we all need all the help we can get!

Tall Tails fan club now open

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Fans of JD Calderon and Daphne Lage's Tall Tails comic, serialized monthly in Furrlough, can now congregate and share their thoughts at

Sanctioned by the comic's creators, the fan club is a new home for fans of Tall Tails to congregate, share their thoughts, get news, post fan art, and otherwise participate in the comic we enjoy.