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Howee Husky wins 2012 fursuit tourney after murrsuit fracas

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Howee HuskyResults are in for the 2012 Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas, with Howee Husky victorious over Matrices' Beef Jerky.

The husky won by a 20-vote margin, 209 to 189. Oz Kangaroo's Duke beat Clementine 200–165 in a showdown for third place.

The tourney was briefly suspended after the quarter-finals, when fursuit builder FirestormSix withdrew Dakkota Wolf, claiming to have been slandered by an opposition supporter.

2012 saw a crossover with the Furry Basketball Association, which provided names for the group brackets used for the single-elimination portion of the competition.

Organizers say almost 400 matchups were made and 70,000 votes taken during the Fracas.

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Insane Kangaroo announces "unofficial don't hug me bro murrsuit database"

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Pittsburgh fur Insane Kangaroo has launched "Do Not Hug" (NSFW), the "unofficial don't hug me bro murrsuit database". The database is intended to record those fursuits (or "murrsuits") used by their owners for both sexual activities and public appearances.

So . . . fursuit sex?

It's disgusting! Out them and shun them!
7% (26 votes)
Keep it off XTube, for everyone's sake
7% (28 votes)
Just leave the suits at home and we can get on
13% (50 votes)
Wear shorts and clean up after, and I'll live with it
13% (50 votes)
I admit, I'm intruiged - who makes them again?
13% (51 votes)
Oh murrr . . . *muffled heavy breathing*
47% (179 votes)
Votes: 384