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Second Life

Spike "Boss Pony" Nico, founder of club Rainbow Tiger, passes on

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On Janurary 13, Equino Faukland, a friend of Spike Niko, posted about the passing of the founder of Rainbow Tiger to the club's group:

Hello my friends from Rainbow Tiger. I wish I was coming to you with something other than bad news, but with a heavy heart I must inform you that yesterday Spike Nico, the Boss Pony of the Rainbow Tiger passed away. Some of you might know that Spike was sick back in June with some lung issues and was in pretty bad shape. However, always the fighter Spike pulled through and was in full recovery. However his illness resurfaced this winter with a vengeance. He died in his bed yesterday from complications of his illness. for sale?

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furbid.gifWhen people are bored, they may begin to dig through old bookmarks, go through old emails, and rustle through things with a slight sense of nostalgia. This is what brought about the discovery that the domain was for sale.

Older furries may have used furry auction sites such as this site from years ago. Furries used auction sites almost exclusively for many years before many found that announcing commissions on FurAffinity got noticed more than an auction. FurBid was founded in 1999 when it was owned and run by Aatheus.

No information on why it is being sold is available, though WikiFur suggests it stopped its run December 5 of last year.

Serenity Woods saved from chopping block

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Guide head Curt Pascal dances after his group raises $1925 to save the sim

Residents of long-time Second Life furry haunt Serenity Woods celebrated tonight after raising US$1925 during a ten-day drive to save the sim from auction.

Forest furs were first notified of problems on the 19th, when community leader Curt Pascal revealed that current land manager, Mako Minogue, had decided to move on due to "RL commitments." This change led to a decision by financier Kerwin Newall to sell the sim.

Staff decided a transfer should take place by the end of this month, in time with monthly tier (sim rental payments) due at the start of November.

Second Life furry sims changing paws

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Serenity Woods was forced onto the block earlier this week

Several furry island sims in Second Life have changed paws. Ron Overdrive's Serenity Woods is now owned by Mako Minogue and Kerwin Newall,[1][2] while Alynna Vixen's Kitsune sim is being purchased by Snowmeow Soothsayer and will likely be moving to a new location in the Valley Estates.

Some FurNation Worlds sims have also been sold recently.