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'Heat 9' interview: RayFKM

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Isiah had the chance to interview most of the contributors to annual adult anthology Heat 9, published by Sofawolf; some could not be reached. Related interviews: Whyte Yote & Alastair WildfireCamron & VantidAlopexHuskyteerKandrel & ScappoTempe O'kun

Isiah Jacobs: Good evening, Ray! Thank you so much for coming on! It's nice to have you on the show!

RayFKM: Pleasure to be here.

Isiah Jacobs: You have a story in Heat 9 that you titled "Stupid". Could you please tell me a little about this story?

RayFKM: Oh, yeah. It's the story of a lonely guy who wants to find some love... and does not matter how!

Isiah Jacobs: And this guy is straight, but he convinces himself to be gay just for sake of companionship, is that correct?

RayFKM: Yes, totally.

Isiah Jacobs: Why did you decide on this story?

RayFKM: Well, I like to create stories where the characters have to face situations that creates contradictions on themselves. And I like the situations to be funny. So I thought that the story of a straight guy who has to become gay to find someone to love was funny.

Isiah Jacobs: Oh, it was definitely funny! I laughed my ass off! Where did you get your inspiration from for this story? Just something you came up with?

RayFKM: I just wanted to create a character with a funny contradiction, and I remembered a comic I made a year ago about a totally straight guy who was obsessed in men bulges. I thought it was a funny concept, so I wanted to use it again in "Stupid"... and this came to my mind somehow.

I used the same character too. The poor guy is the victim of my comics with that kind of situations

Isiah Jacobs: Oh! I remember that now! I have to admit, I'm a big fan of yours. I've been following your work for a while. Not to sound like a creepy stalker or anything.

RayFKM: Hahaha, nah, I'm glad to hear that ;)

Isiah Jacobs: I was actually pleasantly surprised to see that you had a story in Heat! However, Alopex was the one that came to you first, right?

RayFKM: Yes, he came to me first. I was all surprised and excited when I read the note he sent to me.

Isiah Jacobs: Had you heard of Heat magazine before?

RayFKM: Well, the true story is that the editor asked me to illustrate a story for Heat 8, but I rejected the offer back then because I thought I didn't fit on the magazine. But when he asked me again to do a comic for Heat 9, I accepted immediately! So yes, I knew Heat for that.

Isiah Jacobs: What happened between those two magazines that made you change your mind?

RayFKM: In one year your mind can change a lot. I thought that I was not good enough for the magazine. I felt insecure and I thought that project was too big for me. Now I'm more confident in my work and if an editor asks you to do something is because he likes your work, so why don't give it a try? I thought it would be a good experience. And it was!

Isiah Jacobs: I would imagine so! I'm glad to know that you felt more confidence in yourself the second time around! "Stupid" has got to be my most favorite story in this anthology. Honestly!

RayFKM: Wow, thank you very much.

Isiah Jacobs: Of course! Taking a look at your work, I can tell that you like to use a lot of onomatopoeia. You even came up with your own; "frus". Which is a sound for friction, right?

RayFKM: Hahahaha, yes, I like to use lots of onomatopoeia. I think they bring life to the comics I do. It's like you can hear all the details on them. And yes, "frus" originally was the sound of friction, but I don't know how, it becomes to represent something more than that. Anyway, I'm happy with that. It seems that people find it funny and, well, that's the objective of my comics. In Heat I just used it like a nod to the people who already knew my comics.

Isiah Jacobs: Hurray for Easter eggs! You've established that you can be very funny with comics, but do you think you can be just as funny with literature? Do you have any plans for novels in the future?

RayFKM: Oh, I never tried with literature. But I don't think I could be as good as I am with comics. Maybe I could write some short funny pieces, but I think it would not be the same. I prefer drawing the characters expressions and the details of the background and such instead of describing them with words. The closest thing to literature I could do would be an illustrated book. In fact, now I'm working in a little project where the text will be important, but of course, there will always be an illustration.

Isiah Jacobs: Is this project for academic purposes?

RayFKM: No, it's something that just came to my mind. I have a lot of time now, so I want to do a longer work that I usually do.

Isiah Jacobs: So furries will be able to read this, then?

RayFKM: Of course!

Isiah Jacobs: Excellent! I look forward to it, then! What did you think of the other stories in this anthology?

RayFKM: When I opened the magazine I was surprised about the fact that there were only two comics. I'm not really used to read furry stories but anyway, I think they all are good stories with interesting situations and with good illustrations.

Isiah Jacobs: Yeah, you would think there would be more comics to balance out the written stories. Anyways, thank you so much for your time, Ray! I look forward to having you back on the show in the future!

RayFKM: Thank you very much for having me. And of course!


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