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What is Flayrah?

Flayrah is an news magazine for furry fandom, written by the community since 2001. We seek to mix the focused variety of Slashdot, the in-depth analysis of Ars Technica, and the vibrant debate of See stories from 2015, '14, '13, '12, '11 and '10.

What we're looking for

  • News and features - First and foremost, Flayrah is a news site. From the closure of a furry convention to an in-depth report on the latest fursuit tourney, artist interviews, or the release of a new race on Furcadia, we provide timely, factual news on topics our readers care about.
  • Reviews - Read, seen or played something fandom-relevant, and want to let others know what you thought? This is the place.
  • Opinion - While rare, well-considered and argued opinion pieces have a place here, particularly those addressing current issues. Please write these with care, and in such a way that they can be easily distinguished from news articles.
  • Fiction and artwork - Flayrah is not an art archive, but we will consider publishing high-quality fiction and artwork (esp. editorial cartoons).
  • Original work - Flayrah aims to be a source of original news content. While some may be derived from elsewhere (link your sources!), we encourage submitters to at least rewrite the story in their own words, and add relevant context for those unfamiliar with the topic.
    If you want to share an existing news story with our readers, a Newsbyte linking to it is usually the best approach.

If you think you've got something that fits this definition, but don't know how to write it, check out our contribution guidelines.

What we don't want

  • Promotion - Flayrah isn't a good place for unfiltered promotion – if you want that, buy an ad (you should be able to target Flayrah via Google AdWords). Feel free to post about things you feel are important, but try to make a proper news post out of it rather than just dumping the content of your blog post or newsletter here.
  • Flames - Organizations, named groups and websites are fair game for critical opinion. Individuals usually are not. Grind your axe elsewhere.
  • Mature content - Readers should feel free to read Flayrah wherever. You can write about mature topics, but keep posts work-safe.

All stories are reviewed before posting. Posts and comments failing these criteria are likely to be edited or removed entirely.

How do I submit my work to the editors?

No pre-approval is required - just create a Flayrah account and submit your story, following the guidelines. Don't worry, it won't just go up.

If the editor handling the story feels that it's necessary to contact you about it, they will do so you via your account - so be sure to use a real email address, and make sure any social network links on your profile are correct! If you have any notes for the editor, just put them at the top.

How can I subscribe to Flayrah?

You can use RSS (Newsbytes), Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LiveJournal (Newsbytes) and Dreamwidth (Newsbytes). On Flipboard apps: search for Flayrah, go to Social, Show more, "Flayrah - Furry News", Follow. Newsbytes has its own feed; flip both to a smart magazine to combine. Telegram's Feed Reader: /add

Who reads Flayrah? Is it recognized within the community?

Hundreds of furs read Flayrah on a daily basis, including key decision-makers from all sections of the fandom. Our articles are linked and syndicated on many other community websites (including other furry news sites), and we have been accepted into Google News.

Flayrah was chosen as Best Anthropomorphic Magazine by voters in the 2011 and 2013 Ursa Major Awards, and has been regularly nominated in more recent years.

How can I get Flayrah on my website? Can I re-use your content in other ways?

Flayrah welcomes attributed redistribution of news summaries. Our RSS feed can be processed by libraries such as MagpieRSS.

Most forum software has support for RSS auto-posting, built-in or as a plugin: vBulletin 4, phpBB, MyBB and Simple Machines (1.x/2.0, 2.0).
There's also a variety of JavaScript widgets - if you want to get up and running quickly, try this sample widget using the Google Feed API.

Flayrah's contributors select the license their work is published under; our default is the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.
Generally speaking, you are welcome to broadcast or translate our work if you credit the site and author, and link to the original piece.

Does Flayrah or its contributors get anything for mentioning a product?

Flayrah earns affiliate revenue for sales of certain linked products. The funds earned - very little - are used to support the upkeep of the site.
Product selection and review outcome is not determined by such revenue; we won't ignore a book just because it's not available on [X].

Flayrah directs review products to individual contributors, who may not sell them for personal gain.

Legal notice: Flayrah is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Why didn't you cover my [book/comic/story/game/website]?

As a community news magazine, we publish fan submissions. If nobody else is writing about it, chances are we haven't had any on it.

Free comics and stories are generally not reviewed unless collected into a volume, because there is no need for material to make a purchasing decision - they can just visit your site. Flayrah is not an encyclopedia or directory of interesting furry material; check out our Links for those.

We may cover a creative work if it does something notable - for example, when it receives an award, or raises a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, putting out a strip or chapter every few days is not news - but it may lead to it!

How can I get my blog/news site/podcast syndicated or linked to by Flayrah?

Contact us! We'll consider syndicating or linking to podcasts or blogs which contain significant furry content. Being run by a fur is insufficient.

How can I advertise on Flayrah?

We serve ads from Google AdWords. You can target your ad to Flayrah by creating a managed placement ad for

For more information, and a special offer for new advertisers, please see our advertising page. We don't accept paid posts or site links.

Who runs Flayrah? Who can I contact? Who writes the stories? What software does it run on?

Flayrah is edited by Laurence 'GreenReaper' Parry (wiki) - greenreaper [at] gmail _dot_ com - 33 Lancelot Road, Welling, Surrey, England - with help from dronon and Sonious.
Our recent contributors are on the front page; biographies and contact details are on their user pages. See also the contributor list and credits.

As we have a decade-long history, some past contributors may have limited biographies and contact information. Consider checking contributors' WikiFur pages for further biographical information.