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Video: Pokémon vs. Digimon, round 2

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Last April, web animation series Death Battle's spin-off series One Minute Melee featured as combatants Digimon Renamon and Pokémon Lucario. However, that battle could be considered an under-card fight in the Battle of the Mons, as the main series has now featured Agumon and partner Tai for team Digimon versus Charizard and trainer Red for team Pokémon.

NSFW Warning: Violence with blood in embedded video.

The Lucario/Renamon fight very clearly did not end the "Digimon vs. Pokémon" debate, partially as the One Minute Melee series does not feature any "research" into character capabilities as fighters, and the fight is decided on how the video creators want the fight to go down; and partially due to the unique nature of the fight's end.

However, the main Death Battle series is "researched," and the winner is determined by a "realistic" assessment of combat capabilities of the (admittedly fictional) combatants. Though this video is nominally "Charizard and Red vs. Agumon and Tai," it makes it clear that they are stand-ins for their different franchises, and that the reasons given for deciding the victor would probably hold for any similar Mon match-up.

The official rules of Death Battle are:

  • #1 - Combatants possess no non-canon knowledge of each other.
  • #2 - To ensure a fair fight, character personality restraints from killing are ignored.
  • #3 - All other traits and tactics are not ignored and are largely attempted to be represented faithfully.
  • #4 - Research source prerequisites are generally determined equally unless specified.

This is actually Charizard's second Death Battle; a generic Charizard also took part in the "Pokémon Battle Royale".


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