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Sixth annual Good Furry Awards open for nominations

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The 2024 Good Furry Awards are now open to receive nominations. This is the sixth year for the program, which is sponsored by the 'Ask Papabear' advice column and Uncle Bear Publishing. It recognizes furries who have generously given their time, skills, or money to help the furry community, promote a positive image of the furry fandom, or otherwise help animals and people anywhere in the world.

For the past five years, the award has gone to one person, with honorary mentions to three others. This year will be different. There are now three categories for the award and one furry will win in each category:

  • The Good Egg Award: For furries doing good deeds for others.
  • The Image Award: For furries in various media promoting and informing about the fandom.
  • The Furtastic Award: For furries doing any other good deeds not falling into the first two categories.

There will also be a Lifetime Achievement Award for the third year.

The Good Furry Awards are given to any living, active furry anywhere in the world. Furries can nominate candidates and they also vote on them. The Lifetime Achievement Award is selected by committee. Nominations will be open until September 1, 2024. Voting will be open for one month after that. Winners will be announced in mid-October.


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