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Convention guests are...

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Key to my attendance
3% (1 vote)
Often a deciding factor
3% (1 vote)
Nice to see, not critical
48% (16 votes)
Rarely of interest to me
39% (13 votes)
A waste of money
6% (2 votes)
Votes: 33


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If it's a GOH from the entertainment industry (like when Bob Boyle or Jim Martin were at AC), then I'm interested. But usually it's some fur who happens to draw well. Even though a lot of furs draw well. And they're usually repeat GOHs, too.

Basically, if it's someone who's achieved some degree of success outside of the fandom then I'll go check them out.

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Do you mean Guests of Honor? If so, you might want to rephrase the question to clarify that.

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I mean guests, which includes those identified as guests of honour. Pretty much anyone who hasn't had to pay anything to attend the convention and cannot be reasonably classified as staff. Usually they receive free rooms and travel reimbursement.

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