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Bald Eagle Attack!

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A bit of an exaggeration, but head to's article about a beach-lovin' bald eagle. The article calls him immature... I'd say he's acting just like a young adult, heading for adventure on the coast. ;) But seriously, check out the photograph... what a magnificent creature!


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

Amusingly enough, the wildlife official who finally caught him seems to have been the only one to realize the significance of the bird having been captive raised.

The feat was achieved by the simple act of putting on a handler's glove and holding out some roast beef. The eagle landed without a second thought.

Too bad no one thought of this sooner. The poor thing could have been saved a lot of trauma. (Though frankly, being from Cape Cod, anything threatening to eat beach-going tourists is a GOOD thing in my book...)

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