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Dragons. And They’re French.

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First Second brings us a popular fantasy comic from France, collected now in one hardcover graphic novel. Kairos is written and illustrated by Ulysse Malassagne. “Nills and Anaelle are looking forward to their first night in their rustic cabin in the woods. But the couple’s idyllic vacation is suddenly thrown into turmoil when a strange flash of light bursts from the fireplace. A portal appears, and out of it spill dragon-like creatures that are armed to the teeth. They grab Anaelle and flee back through the portal, leaving a distraught Nills with a sudden decision: Stay behind, or leap through after her? He leaps. And that’s when things get really weird.” This new English translation is available now.

image c. 2020 First Second


Your rating: None Average: 5 (3 votes)

This is cool to see. I remember when the animated announcement came out; Fred reviewed the first and second volumes in 2013-14, and his review of the last volume is over here. At the time, it wasn't clear that there'd ever be an official translation.

It's unfortunate that the publisher's preview doesn't really give you a great idea of the story you'll be getting, but I guess most people buying it will know already - and the price compares favourably to just one of the original issues. It's available on this side of the pond, too (as is the French paperback edition) - check all the sellers for the best price.

The studio has moved onto other projects, including Mune - their page on Kairos has some character sheets (right-click and view image to see in full).

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