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Smoky air quality likely to impact Anthrocon 2023

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This weekend Anthrocon returns to the city of Pittsburgh, with furries from all around the world traveling into the area to enjoy the yearly jubilation. However this year's festivities are forecasted to be covered in a significant haze, even for the sober attendees. This is due to ongoing wildfires in Canadian provinces to the North.

Accuweather's forecast projects that the air quality index will remain above 200 for the early weekend, this is denoted in the lower "very unhealthy" range. In such conditions it is recommended that exertion is kept to a minimum and not prolonged as the lower quality air can impact and irritate lung function. Those with respiratory conditions need to be particularly cautious of the particulars.

Keep safe and have a wonderful convention.


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Word is that a number of Air Canada flights from Canada to the US have been cancelled too - not due to the fires, but computer issues. Regardless of what carrier you're using, check your flight status well in advance!

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