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'Fur & Loathing' podcast covers MFF 2014 chlorine incident

Edited as of Mon 20 May 2024 - 19:40
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'Fur and Loathing' logo A new to-be-six-part podcast has adopted the name of an infamous CSI episode to cover the release of chlorine at Midwest FurFest 2014.

According to Variety, the series - by "ultimate destination for fearless journalism, immersive podcasting, and on the ground documentaries" Brazen - is hosted by Nicky Woolf, aided by Patch O'Furr.

Per studio co-founder Bradley Hope, "at first it’s like 'Who would want to hurt the furries?', but it turns out [there’s] darkness in [their world]".

Initial reviews were…not entirely positive, Camstone Fox citing "horrible, overly dramatic reporting" for "[wanting] those 18 minutes of my life back" – presumably referring to an 18-minute preview. Later reviews praise the inclusion of interviews with numerous furries, expressing hope that it is solved by the end.

The series is on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music and Overcast. See also: Two-minute introduction - host interview - half-hour participant discussion (transcript)


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Are we really citing a single review that calls it 18 minutes when it's 30

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It is the sole text review available on Apple Podcasts. I guess that may be the point at which they stopped listening. 😅

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LMAO the preview is 18 minutes, he reviewed the preview

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Indeed - perhaps the actual podcast will be received more favourably? The average has already moved from 3 to 3.5.

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Also six parts not four

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Thanks! I've made appropriate corrections above. It might be even more than six if you count all the interviews on the side.

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"The biggest in the world" - MFF was not until 2017. Anthrocon was at the time of the incident.

Looks like this article has messed with the site's formatting quite a bit.

Unlike the reviewer I do think a 'dramatic' aesthetic isn't detrimental, especially if it's supposed to be a 'hook' episode. But, I will say one interesting effect of how this was ordered is how they mention there was some sort of activating agent found with the chlorine (first I heard of that). This was mentioned BEFORE however the rumor of it being an accident when someone was trying to use chlorine to clean a kink suit and it went wrong and the person through it in a stairwell to get it out of their room.

I don't know, I think the statement that there was an activating agent found in the stairwell dissuades the rumors more than Patch's counter statements (The cops said it was an attack, and there was no reason for someone to travel to a hotel with chlorine, etc). If it was the rumored incident the activating agent would have been in the room the accident occurred, not the stairwell.

The podcast doesn't put that together to debunk the rumor, which would have been more effective.

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The immersive nature of the podcasting could not be contained! 😸

I imagine it'd be possible to address all major issues within one or two episodes, but that wouldn't make for much of a series.

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The police called it deliberate from the start in 2014. Vice mentioned some evidence of chemical activation in 2016, although there weren't docs, I think until Brazen got those. The podcast has interviews about all that plus the fact that latex chlorination is done by liquid, not powdered chlorine. It's kind of pointless to debunk a rumor that never had any source or factual grounding, because people just keep doing circular reference to itself - you can simply dismiss things without evidence and there's nothing to cite, so that rumor appears as it's told to the reporter by furries, very briefly while proceeding with deeper investigation.

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The backdrop is nice and all but it is quite sore on the eyes @w@

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Isn't it, though? Just be glad it doesn't hijack the cursor as well, like their version. I can't imagine this kind of CSS being used for more than an occasional feature, and not quite so… brazen, but it was fun to make it happen, and it'll be easier knowing how.

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Putting the Cascade in CSS.

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Roll Styles!

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There's a story about an attack on a convention and yet the formatting is still the worst thing in the article. Seriously, this is practically hurting my eyes and nearly impossible to read the text. Bad, bad choice.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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The story is about the podcast, and the accompanying style is part of that story.

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Thank you for keeping us updated on the flaws of the four day old articles everybody's already commented on.

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The weird format of this article may be messing with Flayrah's homepage.

Flayrah homepage displayed fine before i visited this article.

AFTER visiting this Fur&Loathing article, Flayrah homepage:
1) "Digging Up Positivity May 2024" article now accompanied by the Bigfoot video
2) "Video: 'A Fur Suit Designer Analyzes The Patterson-Gimlin Footage'" article now accompanied by Fur&Loathing audio box
3) homepage part of "'Fur & Loathing' podcast covers MFF 2014 chlorine incident"
now accompanied by April episode of "Digging Up Positivity"

Solved problem by visiting another article, then clicking onward to homepage.

Side-note: weird formatting makes it impossible to read most of the top line that starts with "Posted by GreenReaper" (was able to read it by copy&pasting into a text file)

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I think that might be an issue with your browser, because it should load the same from one page as another. Certainly though the front page is quite "heavy" now, with the iframes for video and podcast players plus this cover background.

Perhaps send a message with the browser name, version, OS and any extensions you are using? I can try to see what is happening? (Though if it happens to be a Mac, there is probably not much I can do easily.)

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The podcast has caught the attention of the Financial Times, who highlights Nicky's estimation of furries as "nice and earnest", but also his coverage of a washroom discussion of edibles between a trio of foxes. The reviewer also notes:

[Woolf'] last two podcasts, Finding Q, in which he searched for the architect of QAnon, and The Sound, about the strange phenomenon of Havana syndrome, combined themes of mystery, espionage and conspiracy theories.

The podcast was also covered by the Guardian, which links reviews for these earlier works, and claims the incident:

[…] was the biggest chemical weapons attack on US soil in 50 years. And those costumes don’t offer much protection.

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A second episode is out, and a transcript of the half-hour participant interview (also linked above).

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The third episode is out today with the first time ever publishing key evidence.

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Finally, with the fifth episode, we have a name. (Well, OK, there were others, but this one is in the title!)

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