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Michigan man jailed for wolf hunting

Edited as of Mon 28 Feb 2011 - 11:00
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A Michigan man has been sentenced by the St. Ignace District Court to serve a year in jail – with a mandatory 90 days in prison – and pay US$5090 in restitution and fines, after having been found guilty of shooting three wolves. 58-year-old William Hayward of Bay City, MI plead guilty to shooting three wolves in Mackinac County, and destroying tracking collars that two of the wolves wore. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment is investigating separate wolf poachings in Chippewa and Luce counties, also in the eastern portion of the Upper Peninsula. Courtesy: WDIV-TV Local 4 ( and the Associated Press

Update: Michigan DNRE is continuing its investigation. [WDIV-TV Local 4 (]


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PWNED! (And well deserved at that).

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Well Shadow, without knowing all the circumstances of the situation, no he may not have necessarily deserved it. Having been up in the Montana area I recall all the BS lines we got from the federal govt about reimbursing us on livestock losses when they rammed the wolf reintro down our thrust and it was total Bs. Many ranchers never seen a dime or all but had to pull teeth from the feds to get any. And yeah if they aren't your livestock, you aren't payed for them and haven't taken care of them, then you are not as likely to care. Having been there myself, I recall a time when I heard a cow screaming. only to come upon finding her where 3 wolves had chased her into a barb wire fence and had her tangled up. they had ripped out her guts and she was tromping on part of her own innards trying to fend them off. I heard her screams in nightmares for months. This was when the wolves were still classed as NOT endangered and were still considered varmints as such. I quickly put her out of her misery and dispatched 2 of the 3 that got her. don't be so fast to judge when you don't know all the facts

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tl;dr fuck off human

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You first my lil anon troller :)

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Thank you for that scaring mental image, but I'm afraid that you have fallen victim to what I call "a joke." Besides, it would have been eaten one way or another. ;) JK

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I recently came across an article from National Geographic (dated about a year ago) that explores some of the issues associated with reintroduction of wolves. It's fairly long but a good read.

Among the points made:

  • Ranchers do get reimbursed for wolf kills to their livestock, but only when there is reasonable proof that it is a wolf kill, and often there is not;
  • Ranchers are aware that the general public who consumes their product is the same general public that is mostly in favor of having wolves in the wild;
  • Some of the habitat that was being overgrazed and gradually destroyed by animals wolves prey upon, such as deer and elk, is now recovering because wolf predation keeps them on the move.
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For Lakota,

"Hayward shot the wolves after they approached a bait pile near his camp, said Lt. Skip Hagy of the DNRE's Newberry field office. He cut off the radio tracking collars that two of them were wearing and tried to hide the remains, but someone discovered them the next day and tipped off authorities, Hagy said (" So, this not a case of rancher protecting his livestock. The man was a poacher and tried to hide the evidence.

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Yarbro...Thank you for that tidbit, I had not read that, and yes, certainly not cool at all and this asshat deserves everything the law can throw at him.

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Lakota Wolf you need to shut the hell up about shit you don't know nothing about. Keep your opinions to yourself and stop calling out names and saying what he deserves. Im tired of people that make a firm opinion without knowing any of the facts. Do you know the same man has donated his money and his time to kids to get them enthused about hunting. Some kids that really do have problems. He is not just some joe blow that you can comment about and go on feeling good about yourself.He is a good person and doesn't not need to hear someone who has nothing better to do than makebelieve that they should be judge. Keep his name out your mouth period! Keep ya head up.

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