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Not the Pet Shop Boys... two extreme death metal bands with animal vocalists

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This isn't new, but I haven't seen it posted for furries; so for your amusement and listening pleasure [*cough*], meet Hatebeak and Caninus.

Hatebeak is a death metal band, formed by Blake Harrison, Mark Sloan, and Waldo, a 21-year-old Congo African Grey Parrot. Hatebeak is the only band to have an "avian" vocalist... Their sound has been described as "a jackhammer being ground in a compactor." Aquarius Records magazine called Hatebeak "furious and blasting death metal". Hatebeak made their second record with Caninus, a band whose lead singer is two dogs. (Wikipedia)

MTV News on Hatebeak:

...they're definitely the only death metallers sponsored by an organic birdseed company.

Harrison said he and Sloan typically bring recording equipment to Waldo's owner's home and record the parrot's blood-curdling squawks from his newspaper-lined cage. Depending on the parrot's mood, the process can be either smooth or extremely difficult. Then the duo hit the studio, where Waldo's vocals are tweaked to fit with the music they've written. At other times, Harrison said he'll write songs around "the stuff that comes out of the bird's mouth, because he kind of does what he wants, when he wants." Hatebeak's music is punishing, nest-crushing and grim: "We want to raise the bar as far as extreme music goes," Harrison explained.

... unlike Hatebeak, Caninus have a message: "Animal rights, vegetarianism, veganism, and trying to spread the word about adopting homeless animals," said [Most Precious Blood guitarist] Justin Brannan.

Howard Stern covers them:

BTW: The new Pet Shop Boys album is really, really good.


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I heard both of these groups a few months ago and they're surprisingly very good, with Hatebeak at times, you can't even tell it's a bird,

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I love the humor in these bands, man. I didn't know about Hatebreak, but the description of their sound made me laugh heavily! I've played Caninus on Doggy Radio's podcast before, after co-host Ricochet heard them on maybe Howard Stern and suggested them, a band fronted by Dogs.

I don't know if I could be super serious and be a solid listener to any of these guys, but it's fun a couple of times and to feature on the radio.


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