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Ursa Major Awards - The 2022 Winners Announced!

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Ursa Majors Awards.jpgThe winners of the 2022 Ursa Major Awards have been announced! There were 1350 voters this year! (The voting tallies can be viewed here.)

Also a reminder that the Ursas are run voluntarily, and are accepting PayPal donations to help continue running things in the future. Check their website for details!

And now, the 2022 Awards go to... (Drum roll please)...

The winners and nominees are...

Best Motion Picture
Best Dramatic Short Work
Best Dramatic Series
Best Novel
Best Short Fiction
Best General Literary Work
Best Non-Fiction Work
Best Graphic Story
Best Comic Strip
Best Magazine
Best Illustration
Best Game
Best Website
Best Anthropomorphic Music
Best Anthropomorphic Fursuit

Category not used in 2022 due to insufficient interest.

Congrats to all the winners! Don't forget, if you see furry work that you like and want to share it, originating from both within and outside the fandom, send them into the Recommended Anthropomorphics List!


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Hmm. I don't wanna arouse any suspicions, but I find it particularly weird that in the very first year for a furry music award, it was won by the album that sold the least from the bandcamp links available. I think that says something about who votes for the Ursa Major awards nowadays, not really reflective of furry interests en masse.

But hey at least Patricia didn't win, lol

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Don't worry, I wasn't aroused at all.

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I thought it was interesting that three of the non-fiction entries got the same number of votes, but had significantly different scores. Shows the value of the Borda-count system vs. simple approval vote, in this case. (Alas, Sonious' piece still came last.)

Also glad WikiFur didn't actually lose to Fluffle (i.e. the order is not by score); I mean, it's a fine service, but... come on, that name... 😼

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Not only did my article get last in its category, it was in the bottom 5 of points won on the whole ballot.

However, I think the results of this year, does indeed show that CrossAffliction's statement of "it's awareness stupid" more accurate than my statement on the flaws of the voting system against strategic voting. The dramatic shorts category was almost in line with the article I had wrote highlighting them, and I do plan on going through and doing that again this year as I think it's just a good thing to do.

Therefore, if the article brought more attention to the the Ursa Majors and got people outside of the self-promotion circles talking about it, then it did its job. It was not designed to win an Ursa itself. I'm grateful and was surprised it was even nominated.

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Like, you notice Patch only regularly updates at the beginning of nomination voting and the beginning of final voting, meanwhile, over here, Rakuen is all like "I think now is a perfect time to post about how that thing everyone hates is actually wonderful!" Part 1 during nomination, then Part 2 during final voting?

That may effect outcomes.

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I try not to overthink such things otherwise we get into the "I wanted Orange" kind of thinking -

Obviously I'm going to have biases, and obviously people are going to vote based on things like timing whether consciously or subconsciously. DogPatch did have a lot of dry periods in 2022. Their last article was in Sept 2022 before they made some posts in 2023, but most people don't analyze all that much when they vote. But hey, they're voting this year at least.

Interestingly, your response to my article about voting systems being "It's just awareness dumbdumb" works in response to this as well. We don't advertise all that much, especially during the Ursas. There are other factors at play as well. Even if the quantity of content for DogPatch is less than our's he does have a larger social network and fan group that he engages with offsite, which helps in something like... a popularity contest.

And yes, some articles and leadership that has contrarian view points to the mainstream of the fandom can have a negative impact as well. But, I think trying to shift this to just win some kind of award may be problematic just as making clickbait headlines that draw attention by stirring unnecessary emotions, mislead, or obfuscate the actual content in the mainstream can be.

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Yes, you're right about the guy actually has a social life (also, he does usually post this month because that's something he genuinely cares about), but it's just more fun to blame Rakuen. It is just a bit frustrating to lose to a basically dead website run by a guy I don't like in a category all-but-created for us, but, no, I'm not calling for a strategic meeting because it's not that important. But I'm going to keep making bad jokes, you can't stop me there.

But, also posting when people are looking is an awareness thing. It's "sweeps week" or "Oscar season"; you save the good stuff for when it matters, then you fall off when it doesn't. You put out Cocaine Bear in March, you take Killers of the Flower Moon to film festivals in the fall and release it to theaters in November. Or, see why December release Puss in Boots 2 both won the Ursa and was the DreamWorks Oscar nomination, despite April release The Bad Guys arguably being their better movie last year. Like, this isn't even me knocking Patch; it's not a conspiracy, I'm not accusing him of underhanded tactics. If it matters to him, and it kind of seems to do, he's doing what he needs to do (only kind of though, because, why don't he do it all year long if it really matters?). I'm just saying, a large social circle to remind of your (supposed to be updated frequently) "magazine" helps, but it also helps to, when people are reminded it exists, and reminded to check up on it again, to go and see it has updates. If you can only be bothered to update the thing a few times a year, when you update it becomes important.

Since we update much more frequently, our thing is much more what we update. But, once again, I'm not saying we should, I don't know what, actually, run big spectaculars around nomination/final voting times (wouldn't even know what that would look like) or even hold off on "Rakuen says something kind of ... Rakuen" articles until voting is over, because I don't think any of us want to, well, do that. Like, we care, but also us and "strategy" (and I must repeat, not in any means either "bad" or even "unusual" strategy), well, it's not really our style. A little light complaining in the comments without actually doing anything about it seems appropriate enough action, so that's what I'm doing.

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I think it would be grand if we didn't crap on other websites, nor our own writing pool. Positive, constructive criticism is far better than destructive criticism and ad hominem snark. You don't have to like or agree with other people, or what they choose to write about, but you can make a conscious choice to separate how you treat them from what you think of them. Write about things that bring you joy, or if you didn't enjoy something, write to communicate.

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I mean yeah, our notorious comment section also probably doesn't help either, come to think of it XD.

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Look, guy who reviewed the fucking trailers before Zootopia when you have never done that before or since because you were annoyed I wrote about and tried to share something that brought me joy because "I don't like Disney, they're a corporation, did you know that?" or whatever banal stick you had up your ass and you decided you were going to parody the whole thing I was trying to do; that really hurt, man. It's been seven years, and I really kind of hate you a little for that one. Like, I josh on Rakuen all the time, but I actually mostly try to avoid you, because I don't like your tone. Just because you take out your anger passive aggressively doesn't give you the moral high ground, it just makes you more annoying.

Or maybe I read the intentions of that bit of your review incorrectly, and I've spent the last seven years harboring an unhealthy grudge for no reason. It happens! But your comment still is hypocritical; write to communicate better.

Also, you step on all my jokes when you edit my reviews. That's ... your job, so never mind that one. But lay off me. Or at least go after the fucking asshole anon while you're fucking bitching, this constant fucking targeting of me and me alone while letting everyone else off the hook is actually not helping me be nicer, guys.

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On the other hand, if Rakuen is reading this and is offended, sorry, man. I am just goofing, here. I don't agree with your articles on AI, but they're fine. You do you.

If Patch is reading, fuck you, but also, you shouldn't actually be offended; you won fair and square.

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Are you doing that Oklahoma thing again and disguising anger with humor?

As Southern as apple pie, that.

No worries, I feel things too, I just feel them quicker. These emotions you're spewing out here are what I felt for like maybe a minute after the thing was announced. Between then and there I came up with the populist 'good sport' schtick I responded to your statement with.

I was able to come up with it so fast because it is that schtick that I used to calm down that 'no one cares about me' inner voice that, by the way, everyone feels.

Obfuscate it with a challenge to one's self to do better, even if it results in nothing. Don't obfuscate it with snide humor directed at those you feel wronged you by doing the thing that is similar to yours and getting rewarded for it.

For if you just embrace the snide of the others being unworthy, then rewards will become toxic instead of helpful to the overall community.

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Well, I don't think that's an Oklahoma thing, that's universal, but also, no, I'm not intentionally disguising anything. But, I'm not mad at you; I was just talking there. dronon's got a bug up his ass. But, sorry, buddy, I haven't wanted to help the "overall community" for a while. You guys kind of sound like a chain restaurant manager explaining how the minimum-wage-or-lower, "at will" employment staff is all "family", actually. It's a suck job working for customers I don't like, guys; let me bitch about it.

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For context, I originally just ended with "Write about things that bring you joy", but then I realized that was way too positive, because occasionally we gripe about things, so that's why I added "or if you didn't enjoy something, write to communicate", because there are so many possible motivations.

But jfc I had no idea a simple request about snark would set you off. I'm genuinely sorry about that! And the bearer of bad news; yes, you've harbored an unhealthy grudge for the last seven years. (Notice I didn't address "for no reason"; you had reasons, and that's not my call, maybe the reasons started way earlier or have other well-earned points.) You have this amazing capacity to remember old posts, while I tend to completely forget them. (I remember random bits of things, without pattern.)

However, I can say with absolute certainty that I wrote my Zootopia review without looking at any of the other four reviews here, or any reviews anywhere. And that's a harsh truth, because if you've harbored a lot of emotional energy into assuming otherwise, that's hard to let go, you want that anger to mean soomething. So I'll say, be at peace. Shit happens. Yes, I'm irritating too. Let's try to move on.

As to why I discussed trailers, I can't remember - but I have done it on at least one other occasion beforehand. Best guess, is either (1) I wanted to give some kind of "what else is out right now" historical context in case Zootopia dominated things like The Lion King did, or (2) I asked myself, writing the fifth review on a well-trod topic by that point, how I might make it a little different. But I don't actually remember why anymore.

But when I discuss Disney, I bring up my Disney bias, because that's being honest, because that's a thing I do when I post. It's a form of self-disclosure. And in the past I've discussed when a Disney production has been a pleasant surprise for me. I have absolutely no idea how my review pressed your buttons, and I don't even remember what was in anyone's reviews. I know I read them later, after I posted mine, but nothing about them sticks in my memory, agreeing, disliking, nothing. If I didn't post a comment in any of them, then I've no idea. And I'm sorry if any of that hurt you; it was not my intention.

I don't consider myself some kind of super moral person; I have my own set of morals, and I've learned that the only person who cares about them is me; other people don't like being moralized to. You're gonna get a bit of that in this reply, regardless. Shouting "Hypocrisy!!" over new posts over old posts... I mean it depends. I'm not feeling like I'm a hypocrite here. Other times, yeah, I probably have fucked up. Or sometimes the rhetoric I thought I'd apply to one subject, just didn't work with another subject, and bam, contradiction. I've called myself out on this in my own reviews. "In this other review, I reacted badly to X. In this film, it had X too, but I didn't react badly for some reason." So many things can change between two places, two times, two evening writing moods.

I don't assume you're gonna be all wuvvy-duvvy towards a large, scattered fandom - but I did assume you at least gave a little bit of a fuck about Flayrah. And yeah, I know that's changed over time, you stopped being an editor. Okay, so if you don't give a fuck about the "overall community" here, which is really small, doesn't mean we're gonna look away if you take a dump and don't bother to flush. Like or hate your roomies as much as you like, it's still a shared space.

I'm not going to kid myself, we're not that important in the large scheme of things. But the interest of people in this place isn't zero. It's small, but not zero. And the purpose of fandom is to try and share some kind of joy and appreciation for stuff. So I care about this space, I'd like it to grow and re-energize. Not with people who would necessarily think like us, but who have a passion for reviewing and discussing stuff intelligently and can offer insights and perspectives.

You've got a great sense of wit and an energetic writing style. You want to dig into a film or a game 'cause it's got issues, that can be a lot of fun to read. I really enjoyed your GotG3 review. But when you dig into people - you stop being a comedian, and I think you're an asshole. I'm saying this not because of anything you've specifically said - this is something my brain does automatically. I've been around enough assholes hiding behind the "comedian" excuse that I'm simply unable to believe them when they claim otherwise.

So when you start acting like a dick in the comments, it just makes me sad. Because like attracts like. I don't want us to attract more trolls who see in you an opportunity for another night's entertainment. I don't want people to think that Flayrah's a lost cause due to crappy comments in general. It's not something I have any control over, so my post, the one that set you off - is basically an appeal to Wheaton's Law. Don't be a dick. If this basic, moral baseline offends you - then nothing I say here is going to make a lick of difference and I'm sorry I assumed we had anything in common that was worth anything.

I occasionally try to mention Flayrah to other people, hoping that of the small, niche number of people who might want to interact here, that they'd be inclined to take part. People being dicks in the comments sabotages that. Honestly, on the greater scale, it's mostly that we're so niche, most folks don't care. I'm still willing to keep trying, even if you aren't and think of us as some place to randomly vent to make yourself feel better. I really, really hope I'm wrong about that. You're creative, you're fun, and I have never personally targeted you. I just don't find some forms of negativity entertaining.

Before I started writing this reply, I went back to look at articles of yours that I've edited. I went as far back as 2021, and there weren't all that many - most edits were tweaking wording, punctuation and breaking up paragraphs. However, your Bad Guys review, ooooh yeah, I really went to town on that one. Because the flow of it was awful. There was no mention of the premise or the main characters until after the break. The first three main paragraphs were all about how you felt about the secondary vixen character. If I have to ask myself at the start, "Why am I reading this, is this building up to some kind of point?" then yeah, I'm gonna move whole paragraphs around.

But if I'm treading on your jokes - fill me in, because I don't remember. Maybe some of them I have personal explanations for, maybe others I've forgotten why. Either way, I don't think you're going to pardon me, I think our individual styles are just enough out of whack that we're not going to agree on certain things. You can always private message me here. If you want, and if Sonious and Green are willing, I can keep my edits to your articles to individual words, punctuation and paragraphing - or to nothing at all. I don't know what I did to piss you off, there's a lot more to this than you're saying and what I'm even aware of.

To those of you out there reading this, I hope our scuffles don't put you off. If we're not hosting the content you want, and if you've got the time and energy to write out a couple of paragraphs, send us your reviews, we can tidy them up, make 'em look good, add images, and share your joys with anyone else who wanders into this oddly-managed restaurant. :-) Thanks for hanging around, it's appreciated!

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Well, apology accepted, thanks for explaining. Like I said, it happens. (The grudge thing.) Like, the Zootopia reviews are my villain origin story, because it's exactly what everybody tells me to do (share the good things), and I got a lot of shit for it, and by the end I was more than a little paranoid, and honestly the trailer thing was a little weird, maybe we both should have gone through another draft on that one (but we'll talk about the editing stuff below). But whatever.

Mostly, when I'm saying the "community", I'm talking about and/or assuming the person I'm replying to is talking about the furry fandom at large. But that's not to say I don't have mixed feelings about this place; sometimes I just have to admit to myself I'm only here because it's a cheap lay with almost nonexistent standards of acceptance, so I don't have to worry about rejection. So that's my explanation for why I stick around a place I profess to hate sometimes.

But when you dig into people - you stop being a comedian, and I think you're an asshole.

You're mostly right here, and don't worry about me making the "oh, it's just a joke" defense, because, no, I am being an asshole, and I'll even admit my intention is often just straight up emotional maiming. My only defense is to say I usually reserve the really bad stuff for those who I feel deserve it, and it's kind of hard to prove there are times I hold fire. Can't really brag about all the mean things I didn't say, after all.

And going back to the jokes (and this has relevance to Sonious's comment from earlier), well, I want to be clear, they are meant to hurt and be funny at the same time. They're a weapon in my arsenal, because sometimes ridiculing hurts. But I also am joking a lot other times too, and, yeah, that can probably get confusing, especially if I cross lines I didn't mean to. Like, yeah, this is the Ursa Majors thread, and I think we're all still a little sensitive and paranoid about that, but, just as example, while there were times when I was just being an asshole to Garrison, because I think she deserved it, the comment that apparently did the most damage was me turning her into a verb in an unrelated aside that was not. Like, if you just need to check sometimes, I guess that's fair.

Also, actually, going back to Sonious, my "you sound like a chain restaurant manager" actually, in my own head, seems really way more mean than it did a couple hours ago. Like, honestly, top ten meanest things I've said, actually. Like, accidental crossing of the line, sorry about that.

I think honestly, though, like, just tell your friends "don't read the comments". Isn't that the first rule of the Internet, or something? That's literally what I told people at Anthrocon; "Read the articles, skip the comments." I save the good stuff for the articles. I don't know if even when we're being nice we're all that interesting in the comments. Also, we do kind of treat these open comment sections like a private forum sometimes. That might be something we all should work on.

Also, no real beef on the editing; of course nobody likes being edited, it's not the fun part of the job. I don't think you step on my jokes maliciously or even on purpose; I think you occasionally (I exaggerated) step on my jokes because you did't get them. Which, in that case, like, were they that good to begin with? The only one I really regret or even actually remember is the Captain America cussing joke in a top ten list that was the culmination of three years worth of jokes, and you did ask me about it and I couldn't explain it so I guess that was just kind of for me, but the top tens are already kind of for me and also three years in the gestating but oh, well.

But actually speaking of openings, wow, I don't think you liked my The Bad Guys review. To be clear, that's fine, and I'm actually kind of cracking up a bit at it. I think the rambling beginning there was rambling, if I'm remembering right, but that was a visual thing, not a writing thing. Because I use movie posters, and one image has to be whatever width for Facebook or whatever, they take up a lot of space, and if I don't have enough prose to wrap around it, it sticks out awkwardly on the front page. I've definitely gotten better at disguising it (re-read some of my older reviews and you'll see it's much more obvious), but if you're editing something and the opening is like that, that's probably why (I think there was also a MLP review like that). Which is not to say don't try to make it better, but in future it's probably better to just ask me to rewrite the opening.

The point is, your editing is fine, I was sniping at you. I mean, my ego does like it when Sonious edits me ... because he just sends on through without a single change, but then I don't really learn much (also, he could at least proofread me, if he's reading, I mean, I write run on sentences frequently, always confuse my homophones, and, heck, just make typographical errors).

Your rating: None

Also, actually, going back to Sonious, my "you sound like a chain restaurant manager" actually, in my own head, seems really way more mean than it did a couple hours ago. Like, honestly, top ten meanest things I've said, actually. Like, accidental crossing of the line, sorry about that.

I'm probably going to sound like a chain restaurant manager when I say, "don't apologize to the customer for the thing you thought about them as if you had said it."

We can't hear what you think, that's why it's called thinking. As soon as you put the thoughts to words you blow your cover.

You would be the worst Among Us player ;P

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Also, we do kind of treat these open comment sections like a private forum sometimes.

The fun part about this is we have a forum but nobody used it since 2010 (though this may also have been because I removed links to it, and posting was also broken, at least recently).

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...I feel like I don't even know this place anymore.

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I've never heard of it in my life.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I'll do another Rakuen post soon, don't worry.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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Dogpatch Press is its social network presence; its website is just somewhere to tweet longer.

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I forget who pointed it out first, but it's true: Quietly, and out of nowhere, Bluey has built up an almost Brony-like level of fan following.

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Woah, seeing the vote count is neat. I don't know if that's been possible in the past or if I'm only noticing because I'm curious how the music category went down.

Which, wow, tight, and a solid number of votes.

I'm a different furry with different opinions.

Debut Album out now go stream it plz

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The vote counts are available for each year, yes.

Was how I was able to write that article last year dealing with the voting system and such.

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You know what, Cassidy, I know you have a lot of drama in your life right now, so if you missed the Sonious article the first time, you don't need to see it, really.

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That's true, honestly I think my best work was the one about Shrimp's experience at Anthrocon last year.

Not only because it was well formatted, well received, it also kind of prevented a particular even numbered prime guy from kind of trying to spin the narrative about Shrimp's experience this past week.

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