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Digging up Positivity - May 2023

Edited by Sonious
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This week[sic] in Digging Up Positivty:

  • Pawperty Damage came out on the 24th and we are having an interview with the critter behind it all: Marig. And that is not all! We will be giving away one key of this smashing game so you can stomp around as well. Stay with us till the end for more info!
  • Two huge Australian icons working together in a most adorable dance off!
  • The Good Furry Award winners are announced
  • And of course we are starting this episode of Digging Up Positivity with various charities all over the world

Update Earth Day

Last month I did cover Earth Day, but they raised a bunch more for the UK World Wildlife fund; $943.09! Keep it up for a better world!

Megaplex Picnic

Besides an amazing convention, Megaplex hosts a lovely picnic as well, and raises money for charity alongside: 313 attendees raised over $2,000 for CARE to cover the cost of Dynah’s new enclosure, that will be one happy fix for a foxy!


From Pittsburgh USA we had BarkAid raising $250 for White Oak Animal Save Haven

Paw Draws

Artist Angst FenWolf was helping out their boyfriend paying for prescription drops after he got laser eye surgery. After just 24 short hours they raised the needed $127.

Team Fastest Furs @ FWA

In Atlanta over 10 thousand attendees gathered, and amongst them was Team Fastest Furs and they had a lovely event where various members showed off their skills, raising $8,369.

Furry Weekend Atlanta

But besides these wonderful fast furs there were many others helping the Animal Park at the Conservators Center during Furry Weekend Atlanta and they all raised a whopping $100,000!

Furry Down Under

All the way at the other side of the down, down in Australia, the amazing critters from FurDU raised funds for Fresh Star Rescue Incorporated. A lovely total of $9,311.40.

Total raised

With this, all charities covered by Digging Up Positivity this year broke the $500,000 raised! I am ever so proud on everybody who made this possible! And I hope we will break last years’ amount and from the looks of it, we will!

Good Furry Awards Results

The results of the Good Furry Awards 2023 are out, and Kite’s Windswept Wanderings has been the winner, and much deserved! Kite has been busy making a lot of videos of various US conventions, promoting a positive image of the fandom. His work has been featured in various editions of Digging Up Positivity and the Furry Charity Index.

Thank you so much your work and congratulations with your prize.

The lifetime achievement award went to Reed Waller, most known for one of the first and most influential furry comic book series: Omaha The Cat Dancer.

Dancing together

On the topic of dancing...

Two enormous Australian icons, one of them rapidly becoming adored within the fandom: Bingo Heeler, and the other, Emma Emma, a children’s entertainer known for her children books, released a very cute dance video together in celebration of the Bluey: Dance mode album release.

The video is taking the internet by storm, people are loving the dancing in the video, but I am wondering: Will we see a similar performance during one of the many furry dance contests? I would LOVE to see this.


This month in Digging Up Positivity we have a very special guest: One of the major forces behind Pawprety damage, his name is Marig, one of the awesome game developers in this fandom. Welcome to the show!

[Featurette Interview]

Thank you

As for all you viewers, first of all, thank you very much for staying with us till the very end. Now, we do have a Steam Key for Pawprety Damage. And all you have to do is to tell us in the comments what you would do if you were a huge kaiju in a city like in the game! Of course, you can also support the game by getting it on steam.

I will be streaming most Mondays on 8pm Central European Time on Twitch, drop by, enjoy the chill lofi while I am drawing.

If you want to spot meerkats in the wild, I will be at Dutch Comic Con on Saturday the 24th of June.

Do you want to support this channel? Check out the ArtworkTee webstore linked in the description, or check out my Patreon or Subscribestar like the following amazing critters: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Manick, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser.

The next episode will be on June 24th. And I am looking forward to see you there! And remember, love you all, stay awesome, and all the hugs!


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