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Digging up Positivity - November 2023

Edited by Sonious
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Hello you! Welcome to the last Digging Up Positivity of the season and trust me, we are ending with a bang... or shall we say squeek? With the Mother of the Dutch Angel Dragons, the Matriarch herself: Telephone. And we also have more charity news, animation, creativity and much more. I just can’t wait to show you all the things! But first the charities.

Confuror raised $13,918.36

The go-to place in Mexico, Confuror raised a whopping $13,918.36 for Nutrias de Mexico, an initiative that seeks the conservation of otter populations in Mexico, since these lovely creatures, regulate the fish populations and...they look mighty cute while doing it!

Infurnity raised $12,137.22

In Taiwan the lovely visitors of Infurnity raised $12,137.22 for 2 charities: The Raptor Research Group of Taiwan, a group dedicated to the birds of prey in Taiwan, and The Limmen Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Association, a group dedicated to the Wildlife in the Kinmen region in Taiwan. And they had a Dutch guest of honour who brought 2 friends! Wolvinny, Strawberry and Carbine, who got to celebrate his birthday at the convention!

Aquatifur raised $6,000

The critters from Aquatifur raised $6,000 for the Feathered Friends Sanctuary & Rescue. An organisation that for nearly twenty years have been providing a safe haven for homeless parrots living in captivity and so much more supporting those lovely feathered friends.

Biggest Little Furcon raised $28,069.69

All the way down in Reno, the amazing critters from Biggest Little Furcon did not disappoint! The fan favourite amongst the furcons put their paws together and raised $28,069.69 together for Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary, known for their big cats, but they also offer sanctuary for other animals as well, giving them a chance to rehabilitate, despite them unable to be placed back into the wild.

Team Tony raised $8,507

In California, Team Tony, under the watchful eye of Joe G. Bear, raised $8,507 dollars for the fight against ALS, continuing Tony’s legacy. They were with 6 fursuiters. A big shoutout to Whiskey Foxtrot and Mozdoc for helping Joe with this lovely result!

Extra Life raised $10,221

The wonderful critters of Furs For Life raised $10,221 during their marathon for Extra Life. And their donation incentives were a lot of fun! Including a meerkat hat! I squealed when I saw that.

World Wide Furcamp raised $1,460

The lovely critters from World Wide Furcamp raised $1,460 dollars for the YMCA Camp Campbell Gard. This money will be used towards scholarships for kids who face difficult times to go to camp for free for 7 days, giving them that well deserved
break and moment of rest.

Team Fastest Furs FallFest raised $16,186

The ever so speedy critters from Team Fastest Furs raised $16,186 during their awesome FallFest deviated Trans Lifeline. A most amazing result of 54 speedrunners teaming up, and of course their lovely audiences!

Bills For Bunny

AzuLJ, a very lovely birdy artist has a cat named Bunny, and they go way back. But unfortunately Bunny needs eye surgery, and of course LJ could not let his beloved furry friend down. And neither did his supporters! At the time of writing, $3,200 has been raised for Bunny, and she is going to have the surgery soon. We are rooting for both of you!

AnthroIrish got featured in Holly Bough

Back in the days, the Irish immigrants on the other side of the big pond often thought of home, especially during the long holiday nights. And many found rejoice in the Holly Bough, a long lasting tradition from the Irish city of Cork. Nobody really knows when the first issue was released, the oldest known issue is from Ottawa in Canada and comes with the following mission statement:

“And as the Holly Bough shakes its bright leaves, and flutters its gay adornments, and looks proud in its novel dressing, it seems to say, my masters, I will play a part in merry-making of the season, and with quip and jest and storytelling, make the time pass, quickly, pleasantly, well.”

Now, one might ask, what does this have to do with furries at all? Well, this year, they are featuring the merry bunch from AnthroIrish, who raised $457.26 for the Irish Blood Transfusion services back in August.

The Brave Locomotive

Often when describing furries, or furry characters, people use the term anthromorphic, or anthro, I mean, look at Anthrocon. Now, a lot of people think this means only animals. But it also applies to machines, like cars, or in this case
locomotives. We had classics like ‘The Little Engine that Could’ and ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, recently Andrew Chessworth made a lovely animation that's a homage to the 40’s Old West themed musical cartoons. And the result is truly lovely! It is about a fearless little train and his engineer facing absolecense when a bigger faster train is introduced.


And now for the last featurette of this year, but certainly not the least!
[Featurette: Telephone interview]

Thank You

A big thank you for staying with us till the very end of the last episode of the seventh season! As per tradition, the December video is the Furry Charity Index, and the first episode of season 8 will be in January, where we our featurette will be a certain fox...or are they a shark...some things science cannot explain!

A special thanks to the following people:
- Subscribe Star: Hanzana, Manick, Cosmik with a K, Taross, Score Chaser
- Patreon: Tantroo McNally, Ishnula, Els Decker
- Youtube:Longtooth
- Twitch: Tretron The Dragon, Drohan, Falconeo, Hanzana, Lightnympha, Jake_R, Swex_The_Michevious_Fox, and AjabuYeen

But also, a shoutout to my friends at Global Furry Television for not just being awesome, but also for pooling resources!
Phew, those were a lovely list of names, but now, the big moment, who is going to have that squishy meerkat paw pillow? Drum roll please... Edward Herz!

Thank you very much! Please do contact me this year (gosh that sounds long but it is not) so we can verify your details, and hopefully I can send it fast enough for it to end up in your paws before Christmas. But please, with the current state of world wide mail, I am not going to make any promises!

Thank you all for your love and support, and remember, you are loved, and you deserve all the hugs!


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