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Digging Up Positivity - October 2023

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Welcome a new fresh Digging Up Positivity, and with this fresh look we are still going to cover all those amazing charity events in and around the furry fandom, but also LEGO, Chillhop, animation and our special guest is Mylo! A really advanced and amazing photographer from the Netherlands. And if you want to win one of those lovely comfy paw pillows those meerkat pawsby ArtworkTee, stay with us till the very end, but first, the charities.

Mephit Furmeet raised $10,000

From Olive Branch in the US, 559 visitors from Mephit Furmeet raised $10,000 dollars for Tiger Haven, a safe home for big cats where they are given a sanctuary for life.

Rhode Island furs raised $1,160

Back in September, the Rhode Island Furs, lead by their intrepid Derg, Cirrus, took part in the ALS Association Rhode Island Chapter fundraising walk to raise money to fight ALS. The furry team raised $1,160 and with that one of the best performing teams in that event which contributed a grand total of $41,324! A big thank you to Cirrus and their team to carry on the legacy of Dogbomb.

Shetani raised $165

Shetani completed the Cheetah Fit Challenge, a 14-day fundraiser during which [she] exercised in fursuit to raise donations for the Cheetah Conservation Fund fighting the illegal pet trade. She raised $165 USD, contributing to a global campaign total of $26,285. Her videos of the channel even went viral on instagram with well over 55,000 views. Truly a win-win situation for everybody involved!

Wild North raised $887.76

In England, the fantastical critters of Wild North have raised $887.76 for the Little Paws Ferret Rescue. A rescue center founded in April 2018 by a small group of volunteers who shared a passion to help those little dookers who are in need.

Arizona Furcon raised $2,676

The 1387 critters who visited Arizona Furcon in the US, they all banded together and raised $2,676 for Any Rat Rescue.

Furries Saving Lives raised $1,100.69

Fiona Maray, a horse known to stand out with her *cough* assets and Bluefolf banded together and raised over $1,100 for Trans Lifeline with a Cyberpunk 2077 stream.

Alamo City Furry Invasion raised $16,186

During their convention, the critters from Alamo City Furry Invasion raised almost $5,000, however during their lovely closing ceremony this amount raised to a very impressive $16,186 for the Be Positive Husky Rescue.

Latte’s neural medical costs

I have been around the fandom for a long time, but back in the early days, I was certainly a lot wilder than I was now. I was a volunteer in an alternative youth center in the Netherlands, and I was no stranger to mosh pits. But I can say with certainly, the behaviour that Latte found there is NOT proper mosh pit etiquette.

They got targeted with a direct punch into the eye. While initially a lot thought, okay, this is a mosh pit. But when more got out, even the band on-site apologized and pledged some money towards their GoFundMe, which passed the $10,000 at this time of this recording. Get well soon, Latte!

We need you!

I would like to thank everybody who submitted charities in the form below. Thanks to you this list can be as complete as possible. I always would love to hear from you, keep up the amazing work. Without you lot this channel would not be nearly as good as it is now.

But besides charity, our fandom has an incredible amount of creative people, which brings me to the following:

Infurnity Animated Opening

From Taiwan we have Infurnity, an amazing furcon that is certainly on my bucket list, however this year they have blown us away with an amazing animated opening trailer, you can click on the link in the corner or in the description to check it out.

The animation is very much in the style known to the region, and the colors and lines are just *chef's kiss* And since they always support a charity as well, they are bound to return here.

Animal Crossing LEGO

It has been a while since I was completely hooked on Animal Crossing. But the game remains popular with many! And they are releasing LEGO sets! This is not the first time Nintendo and LEGO worked together. Several sets like the Mario playset, Bowser and the N.E.S were released before.

This Animal Crossing set will come in various bits and pieces with prices range from 14.99 to 74.99, which are fairly standard LEGO rates. And of course Tom Nook is part of the most expensive set. That sly raccoon!


The small team of Floating Rock Studio released a trailer of their new IP: Kyoryu.

After six months of work they are proud to present their new world, about Samurai Dinosaurs living in a post-apocalyptic Japan, where their instincts fuel tribal wars. The art style is amazing and they intend to launch this as an IP, hoping that a bigger studio will pick up this idea as they are building the hype. This method of work seems to become more and more popular, fueled by the success of projects like Hazbin Hotel and Lackadaisy, allowing the small studios more creative freedom than ever before!


You may already have seen and heard the lo-fi music from lo-fi girl, and their various furry counterparts. But a major player here is Chillhop! And the themes of their videoloops are centering around a raccoon and their friends, even forming simple stories if you watch all their videos. They even supported us, the charity team at Eurofurence, at one point. I do recommend you check out their wonderful catalogue on their Youtube channel.

Featurette: FennecParty


Thank You

Thank you so much for staying with us till the very end! How do you like the new design, a fresh coat of paint, let us know in the comments! Speaking of which, you can check me out almost every week on Twitch where we are drawing while vibing on some chill lo-fi music. And if you want me to draw you something, you can commission me! For more details, check out the Twitch page!

But now! That lovely paw pillow! First of all, if you want one right away, you can order it together with this lovely shirt on my artworktee store. Or if you want to support me any other way, you can subscribe to this channel, Patreon or Subscribestar, like these amazing critters: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Manick, Tantroo McNally, Taross, Score Chaser

Or, you can try to win one! Leave a comment on this video, telling me you really want one, and I will announce the winner of one of those really comfy pawpillows during the next video. So be sure to respond before the next video which will be on the last Saturday of next month.

Other than that, I would like to thank my colleagues at Global Furry Television for working together and pooling resources.
Thank you all for your love and support. Remember! You are loved, and all the hugs.


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