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My Little Pony fan gathering shut down in Russia

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The Insider covered news that broke on a Russian furry YouTuber’s telegram group about a Russian My Little Pony meet called the Mi Amore Fest. The gathering was allegedly ordered to disperse by the Federal Security Service (FSB). This is two months following when the cartoon show was deemed as mature content by the government. While a reasoning has not been given for this rating, rumors are that this was due to the rainbow mane and tail of the character Rainbow Dash and the growing animosity of Russia toward the symbol of the rainbow and its ties to the LGBTQ+ movement.

Russia Bronies

In a statement, the event runners indicated that they were approached by officers who received a false tip that their group was handing out propaganda surrounding non-traditional relationships and adult works to minors. While this was found to be false by the responding enforcers, the convention was given the suggestion of closing shop a few hours early, due to the political climate. A rumor spread about more enforcers on route to the area via bus, so the meet leaders called it off sooner than was suggested.

Fan works of a Pegasus that has similar stranding to Rainbow Dash, but with her colors changed into a tricolor similar to the Russian flag seemed to be the mascot for this gathering. As it turns out, simply updating the colors of the character was not enough magic to break the state’s spell of banishment and citizen rumor mongering.


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"Just an FYI: From what else I have gathered since, it seems this first report was exaggerated. Based on what people who were there have said:
-It was regular police, not FSB
-The event ended only 2 hours early
-No one was forcibly dispersed or detained
-Cops found no violations"

"A false tip that their group was handing out propaganda" echoes a previous story of a raid by Russian police on a fur meet, one of the organizers claimed that they were targeted when a provocateur joined them, someone they didn't know. "His social media was deleted and it’s unknown if it was a real name, and they’re unable to find a police report in his name. He was called a non-furry provocateur working for the authorities."

This type of confusion is very common with news from Russia. There are people who organize their groups who are either obedient to government or work for it to do internal suppression before and after incidents. Including Russian furs in the military who share nationalist and anti-Ukraine propaganda. That info comes from other Russian furs.

What is clear is the pressure on fandom events and LGBT people is systematic and involves think-tank like groups proposing legislation to specifically ban furries. Some screenshots of it:

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Russia showing the world how to deal with furfaggotry.
Well done

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Why do you keep changing your screenname?

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I mean, you really have to hate furries when you constantly comment on a furry site most furries don't even know exist.

So I'm kind of impressed, honestly.

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By actively genociding an entire population. Makes sense. Dumbass

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Who knew little cartoon horses were such a threat to the mighty Russian state?

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