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Florida fur sought by police for child abuse after walking Albuquerque teen overnight towards bus to Las Vegas Fur Con

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Albuquerque police seek 33-year-old Florida fur Conrad Coovert (@Rumor_Lucca, ShadowWolf DarkDragon) on a charge of child abuse after walking a local 14-year-old boy he'd previously talked with 6.5 miles overnight, planning to take a Greyhound bus to this weekend's Las Vegas Fur Con, then bring him back to Florida.

Coovert, who also went by the name GothFox, SnaggleWolf NightFangz and Fenrir Darkslayer, was reportedly carrying "furry costumes and sex bondage items" in his luggage, while the boy, who had blisters on his feet, said they "had walked all night and slept in a park in the cold".

According to KOB-TV, Coovert had previously been accused by investigators in 2015 of attempting to have sex with a 13-year-old boy after meeting him at a fur con, trading sexts, then visiting his Georgia home.

Update (Apr 5): Coovert was arrested in Florida


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What is disturbing about the situation is Las Vegas Fur Con is a 21+ convention.

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Kind of surprised that he was let go after being found seemingly red handed in this case and didn't keep him detained for the weekend it seemed to take to get the arrest warrant together. Not sure on the procedure on that, but I'm there are instances where detainment turns to an arrest quickly for crimes where you have all the information in hand.

Las Vegas Furcon was this weekend, so the incident couldn't have been that long ago if the purp was in the area to go to it. They seemed to get the warrant pretty quick. Quick enough where it's odd he was allowed to be released. Some LEO may have blundered here?

I believe this is the 2nd article in 3 years for crimes like this. Two too many. Glad he was stopped and that the teen was brought home safely.

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It was last Friday as I understand it. To be honest I just saw this come up in my alerts as I was headed to bed and thought it required a bit more context than just a newsbyte linking to KOB-TV. The names are kinda far out there.

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"We're looking for a ShadowWolf."

"Yeah, that doesn't really narrow things down."

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A typical Inkbunny user

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Actually, let's review that. The essential head of Inkbunny put forth an alert to make people aware of a predator who was trying to take a child to a convention.

GreenReaper didn't have to do that. But it shows that he's dedicated to protecting the people who would *not* do this- who might immediately be mixed up and blamed in a paintbrush assumption.

It's something I've been a bit critical on as sometimes I feel such efforts are a bit quiet- but at least they're there. It shows the very opposite of what you claim.

Good job, GreenReaper.

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The head of Inkbunny also harbors *and praises* cub porn by people charged with child sex offenses, cope harder

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Were that true I'd be on him for it- it's not.

You're kinda done here. You won't identify yourself, offer anything logical, and are really just trolling. So make your last retort and have a nice day.

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We're just getting started and here's your chance to get on him, but you'll just kiss ass instead, coward
CW: praise by head of inkbunny on risky image
- by a sex offender

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And if you had an ounce of sense and researched it you'd know that GreenReaper himself posted about it, when it happened, in the same watchdog sense as this article.

Mizzyam's not someone I like- at all- but it didn't happen on Inkbunny and putting it on Greenreaper's completely disingenuous. I don't think well of you for it.

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Oh how "watchdog" to harbor a sex offender and praise their cub porn years later.

Nothing you have said as apologism for that disputes the statement "The head of Inkbunny also harbors *and praises* cub porn by people charged with child sex offenses, cope harder"

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And your anonymity speaks to your cowardice.

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I don't often pop over to this site- but thank you for doing stuff like this GreenReaper. It really is needed, to protect the folks who are *not* like this. -MadDog

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I'm actually aware of Mizzyam. Not my fave person at all.

In terms of your claim, however, Mizzy's not violating the terms of Inkbunny, or any legal obligations he has. Nothing came from activity on Inkbunny.

If you want to blame Mizzy for what he did- I get it, I'm fine with that. If you want to put that GreenReaper, that's disingenuous.

Now get outta her.

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BACKPEDALING LOL you disingenuous POS

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