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Howee Husky wins 2012 fursuit tourney after murrsuit fracas

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Howee HuskyResults are in for the 2012 Fandom's Favorite Fursuit Fracas, with Howee Husky victorious over Matrices' Beef Jerky.

The husky won by a 20-vote margin, 209 to 189. Oz Kangaroo's Duke beat Clementine 200–165 in a showdown for third place.

The tourney was briefly suspended after the quarter-finals, when fursuit builder FirestormSix withdrew Dakkota Wolf, claiming to have been slandered by an opposition supporter.

2012 saw a crossover with the Furry Basketball Association, which provided names for the group brackets used for the single-elimination portion of the competition.

Organizers say almost 400 matchups were made and 70,000 votes taken during the Fracas.

See more: Complete competition bracket – coverage of the 2011 and 2010 tourneys


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I have nothing to add except "d'awwww!"

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