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Furry butt rock band releases song in celebration of Area 51 weekend

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It is September 21st, 2019 and the long awaited weekend spurned on by internet memes has arrived for Nevada as the raid Area 51 festivities are underway. As with most things on the internet, the actual event of raiding the facility seemed to not gain as much traction on the ground as it did by the wire.

But that didn't stop one furry rock band from making a song that could have easily been performed at the music festival proposed. The rock band called Scratch 21 released a single called Ayleeyuns. It is in the style called 'butt rock', which most furries may know from Crush 40, the band that does the themes for many 3D Sonic games. For those not in the gaming community, it falls in the Blink182 or Green Day style of rock you'd hear on the radio in the 1990s.


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Never heard the term butt rock before. But would go to explain why I enjoyed them and crush 40

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Nice find!

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My compliments to the animators and the band for making a quite enjoyable video to tap my toe to.

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I will never get over "butt rock". Also, ShadyVox is someone I respect a lot.

Wish he made less love songs for teenagers though..... grew out of that thousands of years ago.

Well, I'll be...

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Just so I'm clear: Is this a "furry band" (as in a band with members who are self-admitted furry fans)? Or simply a band that happened to create a cool furry animated video?

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The band's members are generally defined as the characters you see in the video, similar to Gorillaz having those anime avatars. Those avatars are furry, so it would fall under that interpretation of 'furry band'.

However "do the humans behind the characters see themselves as furries", as in members of the fandom proper? That is not a question I have a direct answer to from what I can glean from the internet. There does seem to be quite a bit of art and things within the furry community from even before this video release on places like Fur Affinity. However I've not seen their band's Twitter feed or other social media or sites mention the fandom proper or their relation with it.

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Why would they mention it out of the blue? If you are a well adjusted human bean you won't go around screaming about random things you like. I don't think even children do that.

Well, I'll be...

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Mister Twister, we're talking about "social media."

On one hand, you literally cannot scream about things you like on Twitter. On the other hand, you metaphorically do nothing but scream about things you like or don't like on Twitter.

That's the point, since fucking MySpace; "look, this is me; this is the shit I like; like my shit, too!"

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Actually correct. But Blake Swift is better than your average Twitter user.

Well, I'll be...

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Remember, this is a band we're talking about here. A rock band. Screaming is their profession.

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I think you're thinking Death Metal... for that see our Aggretsuko review.

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Literally the first bit of this is them screaming about something random in their lives. The main difference is you can at least understand what they're saying.

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This is super cool, hats off to them for that idea.

Now. EvErYBoDy ClAp YoUr HaNdS.

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is the music itself furry even if they don't mention anything about [cartoon] animals in the song(s)?
not sure about the others, but no mention in this one

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To me, the answer is "no" - it's a furry music video, but not furry music - just music by furries.

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Ah, I think this was answered already (more or less), sorry! (I'm dense)

anyways, I enjoy this song, but I find the bass line to be a bit dull.

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