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Bizarre 'Lone Wolf' promises fursuit slasher/sewing action

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If you felt fursuit drama Bitter Lake lacked action, or were looking for more of a horror vibe, High Octane Pictures' Lone Wolf may be the pre-Halloween therian fursuit slasher flick for you.

'Lone Wolf' poster

Charlie, a professional cosplayer that specializes in dressing up in Furry Animal costumes decides to go to the biggest Furry Party of the year with her friends, but the party is soon cut short when she realizes that the party’s host, Leon Fowl known as Lone Wolf, is a murderer who enjoys turning people into real life Furry Animals by sewing the "Fursuit" to his victim’s bodies. Charlie and her friends are now in a race for their lives to escape the clutches of this madman before it's too late.

Billed as 'a psycho insane crazy furry dream', Lone Wolf comes in at 82 minutes, is rated 16+, and is to be available on VOD platforms October 5. Fursuiters Gabrielle the Red Panda, Kanna the Oppossum, Charlie the Cheetah, and Valentina Lynx are played by Kennedy Wunderle, Alexandra Dustin, Jane Gardner and Victorya Danylko-Petrovskaya.

Red Carpet's 'Lone Wolf' poster The film appears to have been released this time last year on Amazon (UK) by Red Carpet Broadcasting; the trailers provide additional shots for the morbidly curious, and part of the soundtrack by Jessie Deluxe.


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Since May, 300 views exactly at four o'clock this afternoon. Not exactly setting the world on fire.

Flayrah got it up to 321 views since then, so we're not exactly setting the world on fire, either.

I mean, it looks bad, and basically incorrect, but in new, exciting ways, at least. It kind of feels nice to have our coolness overestimated, for once. Also, this whole movie is basically just padding/context for the exaggerated "oh no!" reaction of a fursuiter to a body, right?

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Well, it also appears to be an excuse to collect a somewhat-unrealistic proportion of female fursuiters in one place… and then have most of them bleed all over. Last year's trailers on Amazon and Twitter go a bit deeper into the plot, although it might be stretching things to call it "deep".

As far as I can see the closest film experience the director had was as a military advisor on Terminator Salvation, so perhaps it's not a surprise the movie ended up like a war zone. Dogs of War, anyone?

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Take out the word "fursuiters" and, yes, that is an accurate description of the slasher genre.

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Oh my, the poster is so sexy!

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Looks genuinely fun, can't wait to see it. Also it looks like they used fursuits that furries would actually wear and not, uh, these.

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Well they were clearly furry-made heads. The Amazon trailer had a glimpse of character sheets in the second minute, so I figure they either commissioned a bunch and/or brought in a few furry ringers.

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Sorry about the joke, but i see the poster of this movie, i remember this:

What do you call a Terminator in the dog house?
He won't return to save the Earth, it will be ewolfed...

Sorry about it, but i see this poster, and i think about it. Hope it's not an other "CSI crapisode" in movie, from the company. Hope it...

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Looks like someone in full fursuit going after partials/those “destroying the magic” lol

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I'm surprised something like this wasn't produced sooner.
0:28 - Nicolas Cage!! (o6ulPl on Twitter)


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