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Digging Up Positivity - October 2021

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Welcome to the October edition of Digging Up Positivity. This month we are pleased to see the conventions returning, and with that, all those lovely charities that they support. The featurette of this month is Cassidy Civet, known by many as that critter that appeared at the Eurovision Song Festival, but by all means, this feline is not limited by that. But first, lets start with this months charitable highlights.

Furry Take Over

We are starting at the Fontana Dam Resort with Furry Takeover where they raised $1,600 for the NeverU1031 to help them recover from hurricane Ida.

Eurofurence Online

At the end of September, I was part of the amazing team of Eurofurence Online. For four days we broadcasted from the Maritim Hotel in Magdenburg, that once was a place for Eurofurence itself. And the result was that we raised over $4,658 so far, because the Eurofurence webstore is still open, and the money being made from the webstore is still flowing in for the Cheetah Preservation Foundation!

Wild North

This year, the wonderful thematic con of Wild North was still being held online with the theme ‘The Tails of the Seven Seas’. With various stories, quizzes and games throughout the entire weekend on Twitch. The viewers did their best to raise $825 for the Newcastle Dog & Cat shelter. Next year they will return in their classic form with
an amazing theme: Mythical Beasts. And seeing their promo, they are really getting in the mood.

Motor City Furcon

And from Detroit we had 1,172 attendees raising $12,569 dollars for Detroit Hives. An organization devoted to transform the vacant lots in the city into urban bee farms for the conservation of honey bees.

Western PA Furry Weekend

The Western Pennsylvania Furry Weekend had 392 attendees raising $13,358.75 for the Spirit of Wildlife, an organization that focuses on creating a more sustainable future for all living things through education, biodiversity preservation and a culture of appreciation for the natural world. And with this year this convention
has raised over $70,000 in charity since 2005.

Biggest Little Furcon Blackjack

At the Biggest Little Furcon, there was a charity blackjack tournament being held where Okami beat 36 players to win. But the biggest winner was Safe Haven Wildlife sanctuary, as they raised $820 for them! Now that is what I call a win-win situation.

Call to action

I am so very happy to see all these conventions starting up again. And we are slowly heading towards the end of this year. As you know, every year I make a Furry Charity Index, documenting all the good things we have done as a fandom. If you know of any GoFundMe’s, charity drives, or conventions with a charity attached to it, please do use the form in the description to submit them so we can make the list as complete as possible.

Dalek Omega at For The Love Of Horror

This month is spooky month, and of course elements of spookiness infiltrate into our show. One of them is Dalek Omega, a returning guest of the show, WHO took over the intro of this very episode! Despite the Dalek Omega being part of the most evil empire from the Who universe, he not so secretly also works on fundraisers or turns up on events such as For The Love Of Horror, a lovely phantasy horror event in the United Kingdom. And of course, much fun was had!

Status Update Art & Biro

A few episodes ago you could win that lovely book Art & Biro from Paco panda’s successful kickstarter campaign. After this, things have gotten silent. But we are now switching over to the Panda for a not so live report on the status of shipping all these books!

[Panda Update movie]

Moths in slow motion

Moths are very misunderstood, often they are being looked down upon, but when you look closer, they are actually quite beautiful fluffy creatures. At Lab has made a lovely video, filming them in slow motion, thus giving you a perfect moment to sit back and enjoy the beauty of these, dare I say it, fluftastic animals!

The Rhino and the Redbill

Alex Henderson, known from that amazing Donkey Kong Country clip from last month, has not been sitting idly by. He has released a sneak peek for his next project: The Rhino and the Redbill. And it sure did peak my interest. Besides the stellar animation, the bits and pieces of the story shown really makes me wonder what weird and wonderful world this story will unfold itself.

Featurette: Cassidy Civet

And now for our featurette, our special guest of this episode.

[Interview with Cassidy Civet]


And with that we arrive at the very end of this video. This month we are giving away this lovely Thabo Meerkat pin to a random response on last months video saying they want one. A big congratulations to ThePoetry Ninja, please do use the form below to send me your details so I can verify them. You have up to next episode to response (November 27th).

For next month we have a T-shirt from my store: ‘I dunno, I am just a mere kat’. Perfect for those December dinner conversations when people ask you weird questions. Want one? You know the drill, let me know in the comments!

This brings us, truely, to the end of the show. And I would like to thank you all for watching, and an extra thanks goes to these wonderful critters for sponsoring my channel through Patreon or SubscribeStar: Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Kitako, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser.

Thank you all so much, we will be back at November 27th with a very awesome bear from the USA who is very active with charities within the fandom and of course, all the hugs!


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Dear GreenReaper!

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Thanks all, love and hug if you solved it!!


Anonimus user

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Sorry, that's me again! I leave the fandom, because of this problem, if they make problems, not friends and handsaking, not make good community and better place, this is i said they are abnormation, leave it, they not make money with friends, but money or friends. That's all the problem if solved, i'm not gone it and banned this abberrant, zoosadist, furfag shit! They make her true fangs open, fuck them friends if they help! Arrogant sect shit!

Bye and have a nice day! Help hand from germany, now not you!


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Well, that escalated quickly.

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