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Digging Up Positivity February 2023

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In this episode of Digging Up Positivity we cover several big and small furry events with charities attached to them. Eurofurence finally has a new location, the return of a very sly fox and that bunny, and an awesome new upcoming game starring a gator, and an interview with one of the driving forces behind the furry events in and around Ohio, USA. And stay till the end if you want to win a lovely t-shirt from me from my ArtworkTee store!

But first things first, lets hop into the charities.

World Wide Furcamp

Recently it reached me that the critters at World Wide Furcamp raised $1,269 dollars for YMCA Camp Campbell Gard, making sure that at least 2 kids could get a well deserved all inclusive stay! I bet those wee ones will enjoy their stay. Their next instalment will be in November, and I will be sure check up on them!

Furries Against Cancer

From the UK we have Skittles, an awesome bird who unfortunately lost a friend due to cancer. During these dark times they got help from Teenage Cancer UK. Skittles decided to support them so they can keep on helping so many others like they did to his friend. He is setting up a group of streamers, and they are continuously raising money for this wonderful organization. So far they've raised $147.67. Want to help along? Check out their links in the [YouTube] description below!

Anthro New England

In the USA we have Anthro New England, where over 3 and a half thousand furries raised $21,000 for 2 charities: NEADS, who helps providing service dogs for people with disabilities, and Youth on Fire, a drop-in center for homeless and street involved youth age 14-24 providing age appropriate services on site.


And in Ohio, Shutter and his friends raised $400 for CozyCatCottage, a non profit organisation providing care for abandoned, injured abused or lost cats and kittens. Speaking of Shutter, he will be our guest later in this video!

Anthro Expo

At Anthro Expo 896 furries have raised $14,135 for Pivot. An organisation dedicated to provide youth with temporary housing, food and more!

Radio Rabbit Hole

The long running furry radio station Radio Rabbit hole has raised $3,336 for Give Kids The World during a fundraiser in January.

Furniture and Business Rebuild Fund

And now for the Furniture and Business Rebuild fund (Wait what?). No, seriously, this is it! Simple Nick, an excellent furry Youtuber, who has a lovely commentary channel, has raised $185 for their friends who had besides a whole series of unfortunate events, their 3D printers were stolen. Artists helping artists! You stay awesome.


And in Europe we have a relatively new convention, ScotiaCon who really made a smashing impression by raising $43,363.90 for Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue. Now, it is to know that this is more than the premiere UK convention: Confuzzled, and Europe’s biggest convention last year! An amazing first year for that conventions’ new charity liaison: Scott Skunk. Will they be able to retain the 1st spot this year?

Time will tell, but I will cover the result on this channel! And remember, no matter the result, we all win in the end! Especially the charities!


And an amazing member from Team Fastest Furs: Randicoon, managed to raise $3,000 for the Trevor project during two fun filled days in early February.

Sera Proto

Alien Sheep vTuber Sera is streaming for World Central Kitchen, raising awareness and collecting funds for this organisation that is helping the people in Ukraine but also other recent tragedies such as the earthquake in Turkey. As we speak they raised $72.

Nordic Fuzzcon

As we speak, NordicFuzzCon is happening. And they are raising money for the Odsherred Zoo rescue. I will be doing charity doodles, but there is also a lottery! And there are some big prizes! One of them being this wonderful collaboration I did with Paco Panda. It is a limited edition signed canvas print of me and Paco playing monopoly. Fingers crossed for the Odsherred Zoo!


It was a bit of a wait, but finally the new location of Eurofurence is known! It will be held in Hamburg from September 3rd to the 7th. The new location is much more pursuit friendly than the old location in Berlin, and because of the several hotels in the area, the capacity is a lot bigger. I am very curious how the first year in this location will go!

Zootopia 2

For a long time, there were rumours abound, but 7 years after Zootopia took the world by storm, and after a very well received mini series on Disney+ , Disney announced at their latest quarterly earnings call that Zootopia 2 is in development.

Story wise, the Zootopia universe has plenty of possibilities, and the mini series already has shown its potential for spin offs and whatnot. But one thing is for sure: The countdown has begun after 7 years!

Brok the investigator

For the longest time I have been a fan of side scrolling arcade beat em ups like Final Fight, but also the point and click adventures like Full Throttle and Monkey Island. And the people behind Cowcat games decided to combine the best of those in the game a ‘punch and click’ game: Brok the Investigator. Where you are Brok, the gator who investigates..(drumroll). The graphics remind me of the 90’s which is a very good thing! Brok will be rolling in on your computer or consoles at March 1st.

[Shutter Interview]

Thank you

And with this, we arrived at the very end of the second episode of the 6th season of Digging Up Positivity. If you want to win this lovely t-shirt, do respond in the comments, saying you would like to have one, and I will pick a winner in the next episode. But if you want to get one yourself, be sure to check out my ArtworkTee store for not just my shirt, but other things as well, like these amazing pins.

But besides this monthly show, I stream every Monday at 8pm Central European time. Drop by and vibe with us with some art and some chill beats.

If you want to support this channel, do check out my ArtworkTee store, or drop a coin at my Subscribestar or Patreon like these amazing critters:Cosmik with a K, Els Deckers, Falconeo, Hanzana, Ishnula, Katie, Manick, Tantroo McNally, Taross, and Score Chaser.

The next episode will be on March 25th. And I am looking forward to see you there! And remember, love you all, stay awesome and all the hugs!


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Digging Up Positivity February 2023: This month's episode of Digging Up Positivity highlights the incredible charitable spirit within the furry community, showcasing numerous events and initiatives that have raised significant funds for various causes. From World Wide Furcamp to Anthro New England and ScotiaCon, it's evident that the furry community consistently steps up to support others in need.

The impact of these charitable efforts cannot be overstated, as they not only provide financial assistance but also raise awareness for important causes. Comparing the different events, we can see the sheer diversity in fundraising approaches, from gaming marathons to charity doodles and auctions. These creative endeavors demonstrate that anyone can make a difference, no matter their skillset or interests.

The furry community's charitable efforts, it's clear that we are fostering a culture of giving and compassion. Our critique should not focus on individual events, but rather on celebrating our collective achievements and encouraging further involvement in these valuable initiatives.

As we look forward to new events and projects, such as Eurofurence's new location and the upcoming game Brok the Investigator, let us continue to harness the power of our community for good. Together, we can make a positive impact on the world and truly embody the spirit of Digging Up Positivity.

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