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Montana amendment seeks to target minor's exposure to "transspecies" content - a word lawmakers do not properly define

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A proposed amendment to a Montana bill to protect minors from pornographic materials, and assist in the lubrication of civil lawsuits against corporate adult entertainment entities, has updated the language to include in the restricted materials to include materials that deal with the concepts of transgenderism and also “transspecism”.

It makes this amendment in a clunky manner, basically placing this “transspecies” word under the umbrella of “transgenderism” and never adding how Montana would define what “transspecies” itself means within this law. This can be found in Section 7 [Glossary of terms], section D [Material that is defined as harmful to minors], subsection L [“Transgenderism”]

(l)”Transgenderism” means a person being in the mental state of believing to the person is transgender or transspecies.

Poorly edited and defined Amendment

It is important for lawmakers to define transspecies here, due to the fact that the main definitions of that word is tied to the field of transspecies psychology; a field of study dealing with the psychological connection between human and non-human animal cognition. Thus, in the English speaking world there is no connection with of the word "transspecies" with "transgenderism" as is implied by the law's format.

If the lawmakers mean to target the concepts of people who feel they are a non-human animal in spirit or believing themselves to actually be a non-human animal born of the wrong body, there is a word for that, and it is not transspecies. I would put it here, but I can’t do all the lawmakers’ work for them. At this point the law appears to miss the mark as far as being careful and precise with its definitions and is quite unpolished or its understanding of the subject matter it wishes to add as a restriction. At the very least it needs to be better defined what transspecies means for the purposes of this civil law.

It also adds the word "drag" to the problematic content but does not define what "drag" means in the purposes of the law.



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On the other end of the spectrum, I will note, that the amendment over-defines by adding the definition for "Prurient interest", a phrase in the original text of the law [7-d-ii] that the original lawmaker felt was easy enough to understand without spelling it out further. However, the amending legislator, for some reason or another, felt the need to clarify [7-h].

If there is any evidence of the mental erosion of the individuals we are placing into the seats of law creation and amendment, this would be exhibit A.

It must also be noted that the added section 7-d-ii-D basically is redundant with with section 7-d-ii. Emphasis added to blockquote below:

[7-d](ii) any of the following material that exploits, is devoted to, or principally consists of descriptions of
actual, simulated, or animated display or depiction of any of the following, in a manner patently offensive with respect to minors:


[7-d-ii] (D) any animation of sexual acts that appeal to prurient interest

By having that redundancy, it actually could narrow the impact of the original text's statement of "animated desplay" in subsection ii to apply to all the ensuing sub-subsections...

I'm just a layman guys, this amendment is fucking raw... this being a final draft is an embarrassment to the person who created the original law in the first place.

Luckily it's not as potentially harmful as the Oklahoma one that was covered earlier this year.

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There's a particular culture of brain rot in Montana among conservatives. Certain viral stories and conspiracy theories are circulating like crazy there which didn't even take hold elsewhere. The absurd story about "school furries demanding litter boxes at school" has apparently sunk in deep in Montana and average idiots who know nothing are repeating it. Go figure.

Don't be surprised if that story specifically is what is responsible for parts of this bill.

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Meanwhile, in Natrona County, Wyoming, furries are to be considered in an "identity crisis" along with non-binary studends", although the focus of the school board proposal appears to be enforcing sex-designated treatment for transgender students. The proposal was not universally acclaimed.

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That Natrona County school pdf is incomplete regarding sex chromosomes.
includes: "In humans, the presence of the Y chromosome is responsible for triggering male development; ... There are various exceptions, such as individuals with Klinefelter syndrome (who have XXY chromosomes), Swyer syndrome (women with XY chromosomes), and XX male syndrome (men with XX chromosomes), however these exceptions are rare. In some instances, a seemingly normal female with a vagina, cervix, and ovaries has XY chromosomes, but the SRY gene has been shut down."

(and that was just from a quick search,
I wonder what other exceptions are to be found)

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Montana's actively censuring their own politicians, too.

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